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Accelerate Your Success With Hypnosis!

The only thing stopping you from living the life of your dreams is YOU!

Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing and effective way to successfully alter the unhelpful programming that has contributed to certain issues becoming unwanted habits or anxieties.

Once new empowering beliefs replace those current inner roadblocks, you can effortlessly attain your goals!

“My confidence has improved tremendously. I taught my first class last fall, something I had been avoiding for such a long time. And, I no longer have a fear of public speaking thanks to Julia.”

Stayner, ON

“Since starting the treatment, I’ve lost twenty-five lbs., five inches off my waist and feel like a new person; I have tons of energy to burn now!”

Woodstock, ON

Discover how hypnotherapy can actually help you accelerate your success. Gain valuable insights into the process before you even begin!

Hypnosis is your way to a brand new future, free of:



Excess Weight

Unwanted Habits

Limiting Beliefs

Low Self-Esteem

and more

hypnosis room

Live a successful, joyously abundant, confident, fulfilling life instead!

Ready for Positive Change?

Yes, you’re courageous and determined. You are to be commended!

Even though you’ve struggled in the past to overcome fears and limiting beliefs, to clear your life of controlling weaknesses, now you are finally in the right place, ready to take charge!

“I haven’t had any cravings, desire to buy cigarettes or anything of that kind. It’s like waking up from a bad dream and happy to go on without smoking at all.”

London, ON

Welcome to your future! 

welcome to your future with hypnosis

My name is Julia Wooster and I’m a Certified Hypnotist. Through my innovative motivational coaching by means of hypnosis, you’ll now experience the fast, effective, lifelong transformation you’ve always wanted.

“I have had 2 needles with out any issue. This for me is a huge improvement considering I have passed out quite a few times in the past due to needles.

London, ON

Change your world from the inside out.

change your world from the inside out with hypnosis

Hypnosis works with the power of your subconscious to help you change habits and behaviours that have kept you feeling defeated for years. This incredibly powerful tool will positively revolutionize your life.

“I needed help… Since my session with Julia, my nails are beautiful and I am no longer self-conscious about my hands. Extra bonus – it’s helped with my confidence.”

Oakville, ON

Now, YOU’RE In Control!

When we work together, you will unlock your potential to lead a fulfilling life. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

In hypnosis you:

  • choose to go into the relaxed, meditative state of hypnosis by simply following the basic instructions I give you,
  • always maintain control, and
  • decide whether you wish to continue or return to normal consciousness at any time.

I am simply your guide here to facilitate the internal changes you choose to make.

Are you a 10?

Ask yourself one question, and please be honest with yourself. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being extremely motivated and 1 being not motivated at all, where are you? Are you a 1 or a 10?

I can’t make anyone do anything that they don’t want to do. I wish I could, I really do. Because the truth is, hypnosis is something that I do with you, not to you.

In other words, I can’t just wave a magic wand and make you stop smoking, lose weight, quit biting your nails, or whatever reasons brought you to this website today.

But, if you have the desire to make the change, if you really want it, I can work with you to change that internal programming to help you overcome the issue so that you can move forward in your life.

Half the battle is your desire to make that change. The other half is the understanding that these changes are rarely accomplished in one session. If you have that, then you are already on your way to being successful.

I’m not in the business of giving false hope, so if you don’t feel that you are at least at an 8 or 9, preferably a 10 in your desire to make change, I recommend that you bookmark this page and reach out to me when you can get to at least an 8.

But, if you are ready, motivated and willing, I invite you to book that consultation and we can discuss getting you on the road to success. I can’t wait to speak with you.

Take your first step. Move confidently into your NEW YOU with hypnosis!

Let’s schedule your complimentary consultation call. Please allow 45 minutes for us to discuss exactly what you want and how I can help you achieve it.

Three Steps to a Brand New You!

Step 1

Book your complimentary consultation to discuss what you want to achieve

Step 2

We’ll have a chat to determine if we are a good fit to work together and if hypnosis is the way for you to achieve the change you want.

Then, we will schedule your first session.

Step 3

You will experience your first session and let the change begin.

Free Meditation Recording

Do you stress and worry about things that have happened in the past or that could happen in the future? Then, this free meditation recording is for you.

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