Overcome The Roadblocks Holding You Back With Hypnosis

Limiting thoughts, habits, and feelings rob you of vitality and happiness

change with hypnosis and hypnotherapy

You’ve arrived at this site because a behaviour, fear, or habit is holding you back from enjoying the amazing life you desire and deserve.

You’ve tried so many things to change it, but nothing has worked.

Maybe you…

  • Feel frustrated and stuck
  • Are constantly engaging in negative self-talk
  • Just can’t overcome that embarrassing habit
  • Suffer from stress and low self-esteem
  • Don’t feel that you deserve to be successful

It may be because of an inner story you are telling yourself.

And you may not even know that you are doing it.

Aren’t you tired of feeling defeated?

You weren’t born this way.

Your life experience was the author of that inner story

Hypnosis can help you re-write that inner story so that you can enjoy the abundant life you desire and deserve.


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Step Into a Confident New You

You can overwrite negative thoughts and habits that hold you back. As a result, you gain control over undesired behaviours.

achieve goals and milestones with hypnosis

Achieve Goals & Milestones

Change your mindset from negative and critical to open and accepting. When you move past your inner critic, you can achieve milestones and goals that have seemed unreachable.

achieve freedom with hypnosis

Freedom from Old Habits

Hypnosis will help you to alter your current programming and overcome the issues that have turned into unwanted habits like nail-biting, overeating, or worrying.

confidence & inner strength with hypnosis

Confidence & Inner Strength

Step into your inner strength and confidence when you are free from unconscious thought patterns and cycles that drive negative habits and behaviours.

relieve stress with hypnosis

Better Stress Management

Enjoy more of your life – more often. Tap into your inner you and untangle recurring, unhelpful thoughts that leave you feeling stressed and anxious.


Hypnosis is safe, natural and effective

In hypnosis, you are completely in control. You choose to go into hypnosis, and you can open your eyes and emerge from hypnosis at any time if you choose to do so.

You cannot be made to do anything you don’t want to do in hypnosis. As a matter of fact, it is something I do with you, not to you.

It is an extremely relaxed state where your mind is open to receiving beneficial ideas to make the changes you desire.

Hypnosis is not sleep or unconsciousness. You are hyper-aware in hypnosis, and in addition to my voice, you will hear other sounds in your environment: traffic outside, people talking in other rooms, and even the phone if it rings.

You enter a hypnotic state on your own several times a day when you are:

  • Daydreaming
  • Watching television
  • Driving or doing a repetitive task
  • Starting to fall asleep or awaken

Julia Wooster Certified Hypnotist London Ontario

You Deserve to Thrive”

Hi, I’m Julia Wooster

I know you want to be a confident new you! In order to do that, you need to regain control of your life. But, you have habits, behaviours, and limiting beliefs holding you back, leaving you feeling defeated.

This is just plain wrong!

You were designed to thrive – not just survive. I struggled with overcoming a lifelong habit. I did it with hypnosis. Because I know that it works, I became a hypnotist to help people like you start to thrive instead of just survive.

Hypnosis rewrites the inner story you’ve been telling yourself so you can live the abundant life you deserve.

If you’re looking for hypnotherapy in London, Ontario, I invite you to book a call. Hypnosis changed my life, so I know it can change your life, too.

What Clients Say

Heather Stewart, Prosperity Flow Coaching, Toronto ON

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Three Steps to a New, Confident You

Enjoy the life you desire and deserve with these three easy steps:

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