13 Stress Relief Quick Tips

Stress relief is something everyone needs. Because no one is immune from stress. It’s everywhere.

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Weather
  • Finances

Standing alone, they probably aren’t stressful. Our interpretation of them causes our stress.

While there are many ways we can create stress in our lives, there are also many ways we can deal with and overcome stress.

stress relief
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Here are 13 ways different people can combat stress. Some may resonate with you while others may not, but I think you may find at least one solution in the following list that can help.

1. Laughter

A good laugh makes you feel better both mentally and physically. If you have an internet connection, you can have a good laugh. There are many videos by standup comedians on YouTube. Or watch a comedy movie or sitcom on Netflix, Prime Video or Apple TV.

2. Rest

A catnap can help you refresh you and after a rest you may look at things in a new light. Mothers often put little kids to bed for a while when they’re upset. They then wake up feeling much happier. Give yourself a little time out too.

3. Breathe

Take in a long, deep breath, breathing in relaxation and exhaling stress. Focus on your breathing. Take in a long slow deep breath and hold it for a count of four and then slowly exhale. Focus on the process and do it 10 times. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

4. Meditation

Just as with a nap, practicing meditation and mindfulness is a great way to relieve stress. Whether you are into a guided meditation where you are taken into a relaxed state by someone, or you simply sit quietly and let your mind clear or repeat a mantra to yourself, meditation is extremely helpful.

5. Write it out

Remember your diary when you were a little kid? You were able to get all your feelings out and feel better. As an adult, journaling can help you deal with your feelings, especially stressful ones. Getting the words out of you and down on paper can help you feel so much better.

6. Spend some time with your pet

Whether you’re taking your dog for a walk, which he or she would love or just relaxing with your cat, animals are wonderful sources of stress relief. The vibrations from a cat’s purr aren’t just a stress reliever. Those purrs have also been shown to have other health benefits.

Don’t have a pet? Your local Humane Society would welcome your time as a volunteer to walk a dog who needs some love or spending time with their cats.

7. Take a walk

Walking is an awesome way to relieve stress. It’s also a great way to get some exercise in. And if you have a dog, take him along (see #6 above).

8. Listen to the Music

Music is a wonderful way to go from an emotional low to an emotional high. Whether it’s country, classical or rock, music is a great stress reliever. And if you’re home alone, dance like no one is watching, because no one is.

9. Faith Helps

People who are spiritual find they are better able to handle stress. Whether it is a traditional religion such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam or you have a spiritual belief, faith helps many people handle stress.

10. Make a list and check it twice

If it’s appropriate, make a list of solutions to the situation. An old boss of mine used to like to say, don’t give me problems, give me solutions. The same can apply to a stressful situation. Brainstorming solutions may help you come up with a way to relieve that situation.

11. Reiki

Reiki, which means, “universal life force energy” is a wonderful way to relieve stress. The Reiki practitioner channels this beautiful energy to you and it activates your body’s innate healing system. There are many Reiki practitioners.

If you try Reiki and find that you love it, consider finding a Reiki Master to teach you Reiki. You then have an amazing tool that you can use at any time to help yourself feel better.

12. Have a nice bath

Light some candles, add some epsom salts and essential oils to your bath and soak your troubles away.

13. Consider hypnosis

If you have a stressful situation going on in your life, hypnosis can help you reframe how you feel about a situation. Hypnosis is not like you see in television and the movies. It’s a 100% consent state where you choose to go into hypnosis, stay in hypnosis and make the change you want to make.

And when I work with clients in hypnosis, they learn a wonderful self-hypnosis technique that they have to use for the rest of their lives.


So as you can see, there are many options for stress relief. As I said, one or more may resonate with you. And some of the solutions may not apply to you at all.

The fact is that stress is bad for your health on all levels and you don’t have to suffer with it. Add a few stress relief tools to your wellness tool box so that you are always prepared whenever stress raises it’s ugly head.

Did #13 resonate with you?

Then book a strategy call to discuss if hypnosis is right for you and if we think we’re a good fit to work together.

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