5 Reasons to Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is an awesome idea, no matter how old you are. Taking the time each day to record your thoughts and feelings has so many benefits.

And a journal is a tool that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are many great reasons to keep a journal. Here are five of them.

1. You can’t remember everything

But your journal can! When you can’t remember when something happened in the past, you can refer to your journal. If you record something when it happens, if a dispute over what actually happened, you have something in writing.

People change as time goes on. Reviewing past journals can show you how far you’ve come.

A journal can be a living record for your descendents. Your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren may find it fascinating to know how you lived. They may also discover that skills, habits and personality traits that they have came from you. It can be a gift for the ages.

2. You can keep a record of your children’s lives

They grow up so fast, don’t they. Keeping a journal for your children is great for two reasons:

  1. So much happens that remembering everything is impossible. It’s a record for you to look back on in the future. When did Johnny start walking? When did Susie speak her first full sentence.
  2. If they decide that they want to journal when they are old enough to write on their own, you’ve given them a start on having their entire lives recorded.

Again, it can be something cool for them to pass on to their future family. And it would be a fantastic gift for them when they are adults.

3. A journal can help you process your feelings

Getting your feelings down in writing can help you see things in a much clearer way.

You may be able to solve problems faster if you can objectively look at your feelings about an issue. Especially if there is a bit of time between the event, your recording of it and then looking at it.

4. Achieve your goals

A life or business coach will tell you to write down your goals. Getting those goals down in writing can help bring you closer to achieving them.

And just how journaling can help you process your personal feelings, a goal journal can help you work through any obstacles that are getting in the way of your success.

Goal journals can also help you track your progress. When something seems like it’s too big or far away, looking back on what you’ve accomplished can help keep you moving towards your goal.

Also, you may set a goal one day and then life happens and the goal gets forgotten.

Someone once said that a goal that is not written down is just a dream.

5. Lower your stress with a journal

Taking the time to write down your thoughts, feelings, and accomplishments in a journal can help you unplug from the day. Doing a brain dump at the end of the day can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Are you ready to start your journal?

Why not start now? For you and your children. It doesn’t take that much time and doesn’t cost a lot.

When your children learn to write, why not encourage them to start their own journals. They will thank you later.

All you need are:

  • a pen
  • a notebook
  • you

And I’m happy to make it even easier for you. I am happy to offer you a free gift of a Gratitude Journal and an Inspiration Journal. They are available in two formats – one that you can print and physically write in and an online version that you can complete on your computer.

Complete the form below to get your free journal templates. I will occasionally send you my blog posts. I hope you will enjoy them.

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