Hypnosis to Help Stop Nail Biting Your Nails

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Make Positive First Impressions

If you are:

  • ready to break that nail-biting habit that you’ve been unable to shake, or
  • fed up with biting the skin around your nails until they bleed, or
  • embarrassed by your hands, or
  • frustrated by the habit you can’t seem to break

You’re not alone! I’m here to tell you that this habit can be broken. Hypnosis helped me and many of my clients overcome this habit, and you can, too.

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Success comes when you are ready

You may have tried to stop biting your nails and been successful for a while. You might have had a deadline you had to meet, looking for a new job, going to a wedding, etc. But as soon as that motivating event or reason was over, you went back to the habit.

This is because the reasons why you have the nail biting habit are stored in your inner mind. Those reasons may have served you a long time ago, but they don’t anymore.

But here’s the thing – your inner mind doesn’t like to make change so when you decide to quit biting your nails, there’s a part of your mind that checks in with the inner mind to see if you can make the change. Because the inner mind still believes that you need to bite your nails for whatever reason, the change doesn’t happen.

So, why were you able to temporarily stop biting your nails because of a specific motivation? Easy. That motivating factor overrode the reasons why you bit your nails in the first place, so you were able to temporarily stop. But as soon as that motivation wasn’t there, old habits returned.

How do I know this? When I worked in office admin, I knew that I needed to have nice nails if I wanted to interview for a new job. So, I was able to stop biting my nails long enough to make my nails look good. But, as soon as I got the new job, the old habit returned.

I eventually made the decision that I was going to overcome this challenge and received help from a hypnotist who helped me to successfully stop biting my nails.

dawn stopped biting her nails with hypnosis

How hypnosis helps you stop biting your nails

Remember I said that there’s a part of your mind that checks in with your inner mind to see if a decision to change can be accepted? That part of the mind is called the “critical factor”. I like to compare it to a gatekeeper or receptionist. We bypass the critical factor when we go into hypnosis, and then if the change is one that you really want to make and your inner mind doesn’t have the opportunity to say, “no,” then the change can go in, and you can stop biting your nails.

stop biting your nails with hypnotherapy