A cautionary tale concerning gastric bypass surgery

I was speaking with a friend today. One of his relatives recently went through gastric bypass surgery and she has been sick ever since. 

This person was constantly vomiting after every meal and has been in and out of the hospital. Recently she has stopped vomiting after a meal but now she experiences intense pain after meals.

I thought, “that is not the way to live”.

And I remember telling my friend about the virtual gastric band hypnosis program and he told her about it. I also told my friend that I knew someone who lived near his friend who did the technique and could help her.

I was surprised when this woman decided to go the surgery route.

Given the complications she endured, I wonder if she regrets it now. Not to mention the limited diet.

If you are thinking about having this surgery, why not try the hypnosis technique first? You don’t have anything to lose except unwanted pounds.

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