Julia Wooster, Hypnotist and Reiki Master

Here’s my story…

Have you felt that you have to live with your fear, habit, a limiting belief, or unwanted behaviour because you have tried everything (well, almost everything) to overcome it? And it never worked?

And people just tell you to get over it, stop biting your nails, go on a diet or to Weight Watchers. Or just quit smoking. Use will power. Don’t be weak. And it feels like no one understands.

I understand because I lived it. I have overcome both smoking and nail-biting – two of the hardest habits to break.

Hypnosis helped me stop biting my nails in 2010. It was what inspired me to become a hypnotist to help people just like you.

Julia Wooster Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Master

How did I go from Admin Assistant to Hypnotist?

For years I had a career in the office admin field, Admin Assistant, Executive Assistant, etc.. And in that career I frequently changed jobs. I thought it was because it was how you made more money because if you are in the corporate world, you probably know that annual increases aren’t all that generous. Sometimes, I didn’t like the company.

Eventually I decided to hang up my own shingle, thinking that working for myself would make me happier.

Eventually I came to the realization that it wasn’t them (the jobs, the companies, the bosses) – it was me. Even though I was really good at what I did, the job just wasn’t making me happy. Even though I loved being an entrepreneur, I didn’t like the work. There was a missing link in my life.

And I began a search to determine what would bring that joy into my life.

The first thing I did was decide to finally break that nail-biting habit that I had battled all of my life. Even though my parents tried to cajole, bribe, and scare out me of the habit, it never worked.

But once I made the decision, I knew I needed some help. So, I looked into hypnosis. I found a hypnotist in my town and booked an appointment with her. And very soon that habit was history.

I also knew that I needed more inner peace and happiness in my life and I started reading about Reiki. I booked a session with a Reiki Master in my town and the experience was out of this world. Things that would bother me in the past didn’t as much.

And then I found what I was looking for!

I knew that becoming a Hypnotist and Reiki Master were the missing links.

So, I became a Reiki Master in 2012 and a Certified Hypnotist in 2013. I am a member of the Canadian Reiki Association and the National Guild of Hypnotists.

And now, as a hypnotist, I can help people like you

I have taken additional training beyond the basic NGH hypnosis training program. This additional training enhances my skills and my goal is to take training in something new every year.

  • 5PATH (5 Phase Transformational Hypnosis)
  • Simpson Protocol Hypnosis Program
  • Virtual Gastric Band weight loss program
  • Menopause Relief Program
  • Don Mottin’s Computerized Weight Loss Program

Continuous improvement is important to me because the more I learn, the better I can help people like you. The old adage, “Evolve or go Extinct” applies.

I’d love to help you

If you would like to set up an online meeting to determine if I’m the right person to help you live the life you want to lead, you are invited to book a free strategy call with me.