How long have you been doing hypnosis?

I’ve been a certified consulting hypnotist since April 2013.

What made you get into hypnosis?

I decided in 2010 that I was fed up with my nail biting habit and sought help from a local hypnotist.

Hypnosis helped me stop biting my nails and I was really amazed. I realized this was something that I wanted to learn how to do.

In 2013 I had the opportunity to do the National Guild of Hypnotists’ training program and haven’t looked back. It’s so fulfilling to help people achieve positive change in their lives.

So you took the National Guild of Hypnotists’ training. Did you stop there?

Not at all! I like to take some kind of hypnosis training every year.

So far, I have taken training in:

  • Cal Banyan’s 5PATH® (5 Phase Transformational Hypnosis)
  • Past Life Regression
  • Pediatric Hypnosis
  • Sheila Grainger’s Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program
  • Helen Breward’s Menopause Relief Program
  • Don Mottin’s Computerized Weight Loss Program

I have also attended the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in the past.

What is it about hypnosis that you love?

I love the fact that I can help people achieve change and feel better about themselves.

For example, one lady who wanted to quit biting her fingernails came to my office for her first appointment looking very down and sad. I really think she had concerns that hypnosis wouldn’t help her. One week later, she arrived for her second appointment with a huge smile on her face.

Another really great example is a gentleman who came to see me for shy bladder syndrome. We did the hypnosis sessions for his issue and I checked in with him a few weeks later by text and he replied with “Great, I have hope now which I didn’t have before“.

It’s things like that that makes me so happy that I do what I do.

Do you work out of your home?

No, I have a professional office. I strongly feel that clients deserve to have their privacy and by coming to an office building they have that. There is no need to worry about “nosy neighbours” seeing them coming to my house. They could be coming into this building to visit any of the businesses here.

Do you do “one-off” sessions?

No, I don’t. The reason is that it took time to get to where you are, so it will take more than one session to get to where you want to be. The minimum number of sessions for a program is three. Some may have four or more sessions. This is why an initial consultation is so important.

Are there clients that you don’t work with?

Yes. People with certain medical conditions should not be hypnotized.

These include those who have:

  • had heart surgery
  • a pacemaker
  • a heart condition
  • epilepsy
  • a concussion they have not been medically cleared from

I also don’t work with people who are not invested in their self-improvement. What this means is that I ask every potential client on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being extremely motivated, where they are on that scale. And I ask them to be completely honest with themselves. If they give an answer of under 8, I suggest they call me back when they can get to at least an 8.

The reason for this is that I can’t make someone do anything that they really don’t want to do in hypnosis. It would be nice if I could but the fact is that is not possible.

How can potential clients reach you?

Potential clients are welcome to book a free consultation (by clicking this link which will open a new page in your browser). There is a $20 deposit which is refunded after the client comes for their consultation.