Procrastination induced by social media – a solution

Social media is one of the most significant contributors to procrastination these days. Who hasn’t realized that it was lunchtime hours after deciding they’d check their social media for a minute?

They got sucked down that electronic rabbit hole – kind of like Alice in Wonderland.

While these sites have positive features, they can be a huge time suck.

Social media doesn’t deserve all the blame for procrastination, we can find any type of way to waste time if we are prone to procrastination. But when we’re working, our social sites are only a click away. It is just so tempting.


As a hypnotist, I’m going to say that hypnosis is a great way to overcome a habit like procrastination. We have all kinds of reasons and opportunities to procrastinate. But when it comes to tech-induced procrastination, there are tech tools that can help.

A solution to social media-induced procrastination

I’m as guilty as the next person of getting sucked into that YouTube or Wikipedia rabbit hole and wasting valuable time. And I thought that given that almost any problem has a solution and you can usually find that solution on the internet, I decided to let my fingers do the walking.

And I found one. There is a Google Chrome extension called Stay Free – Website Blocker and Analytics.

This extension is an excellent tool for managing your social media and web surfing time. You can block a website completely. Or, if you would prefer to set a time limit on how much time you spend on a site, you can do that too. And it will also tell you how much time you have spent on the various websites you visit. That knowledge alone could be an eye-opener!

Check this extension out and see if it helps. And if you are procrastinating by doing other things and would like to explore hypnosis as an option to help with that, schedule a call, and we’ll discuss that.

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