Hypnosis For Birth

hypnosis for birth

Do you know someone who has used hypnosis for birth? I do. And I was excited to be able to help her do it.

Hypnotized by the Media

hypnotized by the meia

Have you been hypnotized by the media – mainstream or social?
Did you answer “No”? I have news for you. You probably have been.

All or nothing thinking


You’re carrying a tray of glasses to the dining room table. One glass falls onto the floor and breaks. What do you do?

Holistic Hypnosis

holistic hypnosis

Since May of 2020 I have been using a new type of hypnosis which is holistic in nature called the Simpson Protocol. It was developed by a Canadian hypnotist about 16 years ago and it is an amazing process that has been a game changer for me. I became a certified practitioner of this process […]

Diets Fail – You Don’t!

diets fail

People go on diet after diet hoping that the next one will work. And when they go back to old habits, they feel like they’ve failed. They didn’t fail. The diet did because it didn’t address the reasons for eating too much.