Are you finding joy in your job?

no joy in your job

Do you find joy in your job or do you spend all week looking at the finish line that is called Friday and spend Sunday night dreading Monday morning?

Why do you bite your nails

why do you bite your nails

I saw a poll on a Facebook group asking for the reasons why people bite their nails. So, I’m wondering, why do you bite your nails?

Is vaping bad for you?

vaping is bad for you

In recent news out of the States, six people have died from vaping. Even though this is a small number, it is a number worth taking note of.

CNN just had an article about an 18-year-old young man who has the lungs of a 70-year-old after vaping for about a year and a half.

People are now starting to question if vaping is bad for you.

Smartphone Addiction is a Thing

smartphone addiction hypnosis can help

I went in search of more information and discovered a condition I hadn’t heard about. “Nomophobia” which means “no mobile phone phobia” which equals smartphone addiction.

Are you way too attached to your phone?