The Trouble with Willpower


Willpower lives in the conscious part of the mind. Which is why it also dies in the conscious part of the mind. Sound contradictory? No, not really. Here’s why.

Why you need to set boundaries

personal boundaries

A boundary should be your personal line in the sand. They keep your needs, feelings, and keeping your emotional and physical space separate from others.

13 Stress Relief Quick Tips

stress relief

You have many options for stress relief. Here are 13 ideas you can use. From taking a nap to walking the dog to hypnosis, you have options.

5 Top Tools for an Ex-Nail-Biter


If you’re an adult who has recently become an ex-nail-biter, you probably are not familiar with some of the tools to help keep your nails looking their best, so I’d like to share the tools that I can’t live without.

More About Fad Diets

fad diet

Last week I wrote about fad diets. Yesterday I saw a cute meme on Facebook similar to the image to the right. I was curious about what my friends would choose, so I shared it.

The cure for the common fad diet

fad diet example

Are you a repeat fad diet offender? Do you lose a lot of weight fast and then regain it back. Is your dieting like washing your hair, “rinse-repeat”?

Are you finding joy in your job?

no joy in your job

Do you find joy in your job or do you spend all week looking at the finish line that is called Friday and spend Sunday night dreading Monday morning?

Why do you bite your nails

why do you bite your nails

I saw a poll on a Facebook group asking for the reasons why people bite their nails. So, I’m wondering, why do you bite your nails?