Do you have the “I’m Sorry Habit”?

Do you suffer from the “I’m Sorry Habit”? Is it hard to own your accomplishments or do you downplay them? Do you say I’m sorry all the time when there is no reason to? Is it hard to take a compliment? Do you have trouble taking credit for a job well done?

If so, you suffer from what I like to call the “I’m Sorry Habit”.

break the i'm sorry habit with hypnosis

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How Hypnosis Can Work With Your Weight Watchers Program

Hands up if you are a repeat Weight Watchers member. You’ve joined and stayed on the program for a few months and then you drifted away. Then after a while, maybe a few months or a few years but you go back.

And again, you stay for a while and then fall away.

And you wonder why it is so hard. Why you can’t stick with it.

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