Transform Your Life from Anywhere: My Hypnosis Services Now Available Online.

online hypnosis sessions

Online hypnosis sessions provide many benefits for you, the client, the most important being that you don’t have to travel. Many people feel very relaxed after a hypnosis session, so if you are at home for your session, you can take a nap if you wish. Many people feel much more comfortable in their own home or office. And you can even do your session on your patio if you wish.

Tips for an Optimal Online Hypnosis Session


Have a comfortable place to relax for your session. You can sit on a couch or recliner chair (if you are in a chair, ensure it is comfortable and has arms). Laying down on a bed or a couch is also a great option. I recommend having a cushion or pillow available for your session. This helps me see your hands better.

Please set up your computer, tablet or phone so I can see your hands during the session. Your superconscious mind will communicate with me via finger signals for yes/no responses.

Do not sit in front of an open window. This causes backlighting, which makes it difficult for me to see you.

Ensure that you are in a room where you won’t be disturbed. If you have children, please arrange to have someone supervise them during your session. Please also keep pets out of the room. Loud background noises like lawnmowers, snow blowers, or leaf blowers may interfere with our session, so ensure that you can close the windows.


Ensure that you have a good internet connection. You can check your internet speed at speedtest.net (the link opens in a new window). Please ask others in your home not to stream or play online games during your session.

If your call drops, you can log in again. If you have trouble with this, please call me at 519‑204‑8020. My phone ringer will be off, but I can see calls coming in.

If your call drops and I don’t get a call from you, or if there is no answer on your phone, I will phone your emergency contact person. I will get this name and number from you at the beginning of your session.

If my connection drops, I will get back on. This shouldn’t happen as two internet connections come into my house, one over Bell and one over Rogers. My computer should roll over to the next input if one connection drops.

Scheduling Process

New clients booking a session to help with an issue must schedule their first two sessions. Most issues take more than one session to resolve. We can work on the issue in the first session by booking the first two sessions. You also will learn self-hypnosis in that session. We meet for your second session a week later to see how you are doing. If everything is under control, that session is used as a reinforcement session. If the issue hasn’t been resolved, we continue working on the issue and book additional sessions accordingly.

For those curious about hypnosis or who want to book a spiritual hypnosis session (past life regression, interlife exploration, or future life progression), these can be booked as stand-alone sessions. Booking calendars for each type of session are on the booking page.

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