7 Steps to Getting Everything You Want

We all want a happy, successful and satisfying life. Some people aren’t quite sure how to get there. Acting on these seven easy steps will help with getting everything you want.

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Hypnosis can help you overcome limiting beliefs instilled by your parents

Did you inherit limiting beliefs from your parents?

Our parents don’t just give us their hair colour, eye colour, mannerisms, etc. They also help to shape our belief systems and these beliefs can limit us as we grow older. Until they reach the age of about eight, children are very impressionable. They often think that what they see on television is real. They also …

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slow and steady wins the race in weight loss

Start the holiday season off by giving yourself and amazing gift

Well, it’s October the first and the stores had the Christmas stuff on display a couple of weeks ago. I joked to Peter, my husband, that by Halloween they would have the Valentine’s Day stuff out. But seriously, we are a week from Thanksgiving, Christmas isn’t that far away and New Year’s is just a …

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slow and steady wins the weight loss race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race in Weight Loss

Remember that story from your childhood – and maybe you still read it to your children – “The Tortoise and the Hare”? The moral of the story was, “slow and steady wins the race”. And that’s should be your mantra – “slow and steady wins the race in weight loss” Many people who have a …

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Nail biting IS a habit that CAN be broken

All my life I was a nail biter until I was 49 years old. I was such a hardcore nail-biter that nothing could make me stop – not scare tactics that my father gave me – he had a friend who had lost the tips of some of his fingers in an accident – Dad …

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losing weight with hypnosis gives you more energy to play with your kids

Parents, here’s a really great reason to lose weight

If you are a parent, there is one very good reason to lose weight – your child or children. Losing weight helps: reduce your blood pressure reduce your risk of getting diseases like cancer keep your heart healthier you recover from illnesses such as cancer enhance your mood – when you feel great physically you …

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