Can’t Sleep? Here are 13 tips to deal with lack of sleep

Hypnosis can help when you can't sleep

When you can’t sleep for nights on end, your days can be hellish. You can feel like you’re in a fog, irritable and nothing seems to go right.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing. The Centers for Disease Control in the U.S. says that 1 in 3 people don’t get enough sleep.

If you’re part of that 33-1/3% of the population that can’t sleep, this blog post is for you.

1. Catnap

Closing your eyes for a short time will help up your energy. Try a five to 20-minute catnap. It’s not a cure for insomnia, but it can help you get through the day.

2. More caffeine doesn’t help as much as you might think

You might think that lots of caffeine will help. Not true. Limit yourself to two cups max early in the day. You’ll avoid the potential backfire effect that could keep you up the next night.

3. Water is your friend the day after you can’t sleep

Drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol to avoid dehydration induced fatigue.

4. Get moving

One of the most effective ways to quickly improve your energy levels is by exercising. A brisk walk can be your best friend when you are tired.

5. Chat with a friend

Even if you’re too tired to contribute a lot, listening to others can help you focus your mind. Bonus, people love a good listener. You’re helping yourself and someone else.

6. Turn up the Light

Exposure to light naturally wakes up the brain. Why not leave for work a bit early and after you pick up your coffee, enjoy it in a park. And spend time near a bright lamp later in the day.

7. Change up your tasks

Alternating tasks makes it easier to stay away. So, spend a little time on one thing, say housework and then check your email (or read some of my other blog posts) and then switch back to your housework. Variety really is the spice of life.

8. Keep the temperature moderate

18 to 21 degrees Celsius is a good room temperature for a lot of people. If you are too hot or too cold, you may start to feel sleepy.

9. Do Belly Breathing

More oxygen to your brain will help you feel more alive.

Do the following belly breathing exercise:

  • Take in a slow deep breath all the way into your stomach. Imagine you have a balloon inside and you are filling it as you inhale.
  • Hold that breath for a count of four.
  • Exhale very slowly.

10. Insomnia can wreak havoc on your health – stay healthy

If you can’t sleep on a regular basis, it could impact your immune system.

If you feel like your body’s natural immune defenses are a bit down, take care of yourself by:

  • frequent hand washing
  • using hand sanitizer
  • not touching your face a lot
  • using an essential oil blend that helps boost immunity – you can buy blends in roll on forms as well as blends that you can diffuse into your living or working space. “Protect” ) or “Immune Boost” from Revive Essential Oils* are two good options.

11. Stay Relaxed to make the day after you can’t sleep better

When you’re overtired, everything irritates you.

Be good to yourself. Listen to relaxing music, treat yourself to a manicure, buy yourself flowers.

If you feel really stressed, download my stress relief hypnosis session.

Avoid difficult conversations until you feel more rested.

12. Give yourself time to recover after you can’t sleep

You physically and mentally need sleep to keep your body in tip top shape. Try to get back into a proper sleep schedule as soon as you can.

Remember that it may take more than one night to recover from lack of sleep. Give yourself the time you need to recover.

13. Hypnosis can help overcome insomnia

If you are consistently having a difficult time sleeping and you’ve tried everything else, consider my hypnosis program for getting back into a decent sleep pattern.

If you are consistently losing sleep and it is impacting your life negatively, book a free strategy session with me and we can discuss how hypnosis can help you get back to sleeping well.

*Please note that I am not an affiliate of Revive nor do I receive remuneration from them for posting these links

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