Giving Hypnosis as a Gift

why giving hypnosis as a gift isn't a good ideaIf your first thought upon seeing the title of this post was that this is a blog post about giving hypnosis as a gift, you’d be surprised. It is quite the opposite really.

If you called asking about hypnosis gift certificates I’d tell you that I don’t sell them.

Here’s why

If you gave someone a gift certificate, you:

  • run the risk of offending the potential giftee you and the giftee haven’t discussed the topic, or
  • may want to help the giftee break a habit but the giftee may feel pressured and accept the gift but they may not be ready to make that change.

There’s a very good chance in either case that:

  • the giftee won’t even accept your gift, or
  • if he or she does accept it and books an appointment, the hypnosis may not work.

Either way, it could lead to bad feelings.

Here’s the scoop about hypnosis

Many people think that hypnosis is something that is “done to the client”. People also think that someone can be put into hypnosis and magically the client will be “cured” even if the client doesn’t want to make the change.

Hypnosis can only be done with someone’s consent. If they don’t want to achieve the goal it’s not going to happen.

What to do?

Some hypnotists sell gift certificates and I won’t judge their decisions.

However, that is not something I do.

If you are thinking, “But my wife/son/husband/etc. wants to quit smoking/biting my nails/lose weight/etc. and has asked for this as a birthday gift.”

That’s wonderful and I applaud that decision.

Here is how I would suggest handling that request . . .

You should ask the giftee to book a free telephone consultation with me to determine if hypnosis is right for them. They can do this by clicking here.

Then, we’ll have a conversation to determine if hypnosis is right for your friend or family member.

It is very important that the potential hypnosis client book that consultation themselves.

Should we determine that hypnosis is a fit, then you can provide the giftee with the money to pay for the session and the giftee pays me at the first session. Then, they will be invested in the process. After all, they could have said, no to hypnosis and asked for something else for their gift.

And as the gifter, you need to be aware of one of the important questions that I will ask will be, is the caller doing hypnosis for him/her-self or for you. If they say they are doing it for you, the hypnosis session will not proceed.