A fake male assistant to deal with difficult customers

Difficult customers can be a fact of life in a lot of businesses, especially for women.

I just read an article about Jandra Sutton, a businesswoman who uses a fake male assistant to deal with email conversations that she didn’t want to “handle personally”. And she said that the trick comes in handy when she doesn’t want to come across as a “doormat”.

If you are a woman in business, how do you feel about dealing with customers, suppliers, or tech support people who attempt to talk down to you?

How do you deal with difficult people?

dealing with difficult customers

Do you:

  1. stand up to them and let them know that you are not going to take their crap?
  2. just get through the conversation as best you can?
  3. have a male business partner or friend step in and handle the situation?

If choice number one is how you handle these situations, good for you. You’re confident and know your power and value.

But, if option number two or three is how you deal with these situations, perhaps you need some help. Or, you can take Jandra’s solution when dealing with people online.

But what about when you’re on the telephone? Well, I guess option 3 could work.

You were not born with a lack of confidence. As you were growing up you probably heard things like “nice girls don’t make waves” or “nice girls don’t challenge authority”, etc. And these feelings were programmed into the subconscious part of your mind.

And if you’re in a business where you only deal with people over email or text, Jandra’s method could work. But if you are in a business where you have to see people face-to-face, either in person or on-line, this method would fall down, unless you have a male business partner or a really good male friend who can step in and be the face of your business for you.

But, isn’t that giving up your own power?

Hypnosis can give you the confidence to take your power back

Just because those feelings were programmed into you, doesn’t mean that you have to continue believing them. Hypnosis can help you change that programming so that you can face those difficult customers with confidence and negotiate your way to success!

I’d like to invite you to book a free inquiry call with me so that we can discuss how hypnosis can help you achieve what you need to deal with these difficult customers so that you can be the successful businesswoman you want and deserve to be.

If you’d like to read the article I referenced in this post, here is the link.

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