Do you have a brain tattoo or more than one?

I heard a speaker on a podcast this afternoon refer to the moment that his father received a prison sentence as a “brain tattoo”.  

And I thought that was a great phrase.

brain tattoo

People get ink tattoos on the skin by choice. And there are options to remove them should they no longer want them.

But what about brain tattoos? We don’t get an option to receive one. They just show up. These are experiences that imprint themselves in our minds. And these tattoos stop us from living our lives to the fullest!

Some are good, great even and serve us well. But there are also the tattoos that hold us back from being successful.

Have any unwanted and unproductive feelings, habits, behaviours, or beliefs been tattooed on your brain?

Here are some examples.

If you… Brain Tattoo
fell down when you were a child and an adult gave you a sweet treat of some kind to make you feel better and stop crying. food = comfort
were made fun of in school while giving an oral presentation Fear of Public Speaking
experienced a really bad flight, or lost someone you loved in a plane crash Fear of Flying
heard your parents say things like, “money doesn’t grow on trees” Abundance Issues
were bitten by a dog when you were young Fear of Dogs
heard your parents say, “finish all the food on your plate or no dessert” You eat everything on your plate, whether you are hungry or not
were told by people that you weren’t good enough Imposter Syndrome
Fear of asking for a deserved raise
Lack of confidence

What unwanted feeling, belief, or behaviour has been tattooed on your brain?

Removing or changing those brain tattoos

Fortunately, it is possible to remove or change these brain tattoos so that you can live the extraordinary life that you desire and deserve.

Hypnosis is a fantastic process to change unwanted internal programming that holds you back from success. If you would like to discuss internal tattoo removal, I invite you to book a consultation, and we can discuss working together.

Diamonds may be forever, but brain tattoos don’t have to be!

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