Do you love smoking too much to quit?

You’ve been smoking for years and you’re tired of it. But try as you might, you just can’t break the habit.

I’m not here to tell you that smoking isn’t cool or sexy. Or that smoking causes heart disease, cancer and and a whole host of other health conditions that can shorten your life and impact daily tasks. That’s all over the cigarette packages and the media. And I’m not going to tell you how expensive it is. You see that each time you buy a pack of smokes.

I’m here to ask you one simple question:

Do you LOVE smoking?

I mean really love it? Because if you do, I’m not going to ask you to stop because it’s hard to give up something that you love. You have to want to make a change for hypnosis to work.

But, consider your relationship with smoking. Is it a two-sided relationship or one-sided. Are you getting as much from smoking as you are giving it? If you are, by all means keep smoking.

Consider the following scenario

Imagine for a moment that you have a really nice car and you let someone have free use of it. They can drive it anywhere, at any time.

But they hit walls with it, putting dents in the bumpers and maybe the doors. The paint gets scratched and dinged.

They might allow windows to be broken so that rain gets in and dampens everything leaving a musty, stinky smell in the car. Mold may even develop.

They don’t maintain it and it doesn’t run as well as it once did.

And they leave garbage in it – so much garbage that it covers the floors and you can’t see the floor mats. There are candy wrappers, chip bags and fast food containers all over the place. And if a passenger gets in, they have to push all the crap off the seat so that they can be seated.

They might even crash the car and total it.

How would you feel about that? You’d probably be really angry. Right?

Okay, now imagine this same scenario and add that you are buying the gas for them to make a mess of your car. Oh, and you’re paying for the insurance and you’re also paying them to drive your car.

Now, I’ll bet you’re really angry.

So consider your body as that car. And the driver all the cigarettes you’ve ever smoked. Those cigarettes are trashing your body the same way that driver is trashing your car.

How do you feel about smoking now?

If you feel that you’re not getting a good deal from smoking, that it’s taking more away from you than you’re getting from it, maybe you’re ready to quit smoking. You may not be there yet, but when you are, I invite you to book a call with me to discuss how hypnosis can help you get rid of this habit.

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