Downloadable Hypnosis Audio Recordings vs Live Hypnosis Sessions

People have asked me why they just can’t download a $10 audio hypnosis session from the internet.

hypnosis session audio

There was a television commercial in the 1970s for a brand of cassette tape called Memorex with the tagline, “is it live or is it Memorex?”.

This commercial implied that the quality of the audio recording was so great that it wasn’t much different than a live concert.

But hypnosis doesn’t work the same way.

Here’s why a live hypnosis session is a better investment of your time and money.

Hypnosis recordings are pretty much a “one-size-fits-all” option. There is nothing personal there. Two different weight loss clients will have two different reasons why they gained and retained that weight. A live hypnosis session can resolve the reasons why someone overeats.

Let’s call them “Client A” and “Client B”.

Client A may have been a member of the “Clean Plate Club”. This non-exclusive club has many members. They had to finish everything on their plate at mealtimes. Either in order to get permission to leave the table, or to get dessert.

Food treats were given to Client B when she was a child to cheer her up in times of crisis – pain, sadness, etc. And so Client B grew up equating food with love and comfort. And to this day breaks out the ice cream when sad.

But the one thing that Client A and Client B may have in common is that they aren’t consciously aware of the reasons for being overweight.

And this means that a hypnosis audio file downloaded from the Internet probably will not help either Client A or Client B with their weight loss efforts.

You deserve a personalized hypnosis session to be successful, just like Client A and Client B.

Why not book a free inquiry call to discuss if hypnosis is right for you. It could be the 20 minutes that changes your life!

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