Overcome Fears

What fear is holding you back from being the success you deserve to be?

Most fears are learned behaviours. Either from our own experience or observing adults around us when we were children. Perhaps you saw one of your parents act terrified when flying when you were really young. And if Mom or Dad was afraid, you thought that you had to be afraid of flying as well

Or, maybe you were made fun of when giving a presentation in school and that experience caused you to have a fear of public speaking.

The unfortunate thing is that these feelings hold us back as adults. For example, if you grew up with a fear of flying, your family is disappointed that they either can’t go on a holiday any further than a road trip will take you – or they go off on that overseas vacation and you stay home. That’s not optimal either way.

Or maybe that fear of public speaking shook your confidence, so you don’t feel confident giving presentations to groups and that is holding you back from achieving promotions that can move your career further ahead.

Hypnosis can help overcome that fear


What is learned can be unlearned.

Here is why those fears burned themselves into your brain when you were younger. All your experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly get stored in the subconscious part of your mind. And that’s the part of your mind that doesn’t like to make change.

In hypnosis, I work with the Superconscious part of your mind that mediates between your conscious and subconscious and we can change those deeply rooted feelings of fear that are holding you back from having what you want.

So, whatever your fear is, hypnosis can help you overcome it. If you are ready to control that fear instead of allowing it to control you, I invite you to book a free inquiry call. We can discuss what you want to achieve and determine if hypnosis is right for you.