Get your parents out of your head

What do I mean by “get your parents out of your head”? Please allow me to explain. It’s not a manifesto for teenagers to rebel.

I was on a networking call last week, and the topic for a breakout room was about things that we want to let go of. I went first, thinking that people would think what I had to say was silly. But I was wrong.

My thing was maple syrup. My parents told us to use it sparingly because it was expensive.

And even now, as an adult, and we can now buy maple syrup at Costco, I still hear that parental voice in my head. When we have pancakes, I still sometimes catch myself thinking when my husband is pouring maple syrup on his pancakes, “don’t use so much of that; it’s expensive”. And I catch myself and realize what I’m thinking and smile at myself. Then I pick up the maple syrup container and liberally pour it on my pancakes, and enjoy them.

get your parents out of your head

I was surprised to hear others had the same thing. One woman said that chip dip was only for adults at the parties her parents held when she was younger. The kids could have chips, but not the dip. And when she became an adult, she decided that she could buy and enjoy all the chip dip she wanted.

Do you have a recording of your parents that plays in your head that either stops you from enjoying things or makes you go overboard eating or doing something in excess? And do you wonder why?

Here’s why.

Our minds are like sponges when we are very young. Small children tend to believe everything they are told. For example, they don’t question the existence of the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. And what we hear is absorbed and stored in our subconscious mind. And our habits, beliefs, feelings and fears are based on whether what we absorb is negative or positive.

Hypnosis can help you get your parents out of your head

Are there little things playing in your head that hold you back from being happy or cause problems with your spouse? Does your spouse tend to leave lights on when they leave a room and you go around behind them turning them off or do you constantly nag them to turn lights off? I’ll bet your parents complained about the cost of electricity when you were a child.

That’s programming installed by your parents. These beliefs live in your subconscious mind. And here’s the thing about your subconscious – it doesn’t like to change its programming.

Hypnosis can change that programming. If you are ready to get your parents out of your head, I invite you to book a free inquiry call so we can discuss what you want to achieve and if hypnosis is right for you. I look forward to speaking with you.

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