Group Weight Reduction Workshop Series

In this six-week program you will reduce your weight without having to diet. You might be wondering what the catch is. The secret ingredient is the Virtual Gastric Band. We install this in the first session. Your mind will imagine that a band has been placed around the top part of your stomach giving you a golf-ball sized pouch so that you can feel fuller faster. You will also receive suggestions that you can be satisfied on much smaller amounts of food.

This program is NOT a diet! I can’t stress this enough. Instead of eating multiple times a day, you will enjoy three meals without snacking in between. The way this works is that when your body is finished processing your meals, it will then go to work burning fat.

What you receive:

In addition to the virtual gastric band session, hypnosis sessions will cover:

  • curbing cravings
  • making healthier food choices
  • dealing with a sweet tooth
  • leaving food on your plate and not feeling guilty about it
  • stopping snacking
  • and more.

Reinforcement recordings to listen to in between sessions.

Other helpful resources.

Your Investment

$400 (CDN) + HST (or applicable tax in your province/state)

An invoice will be sent to you and payment can be made by credit card or Interac email money transfer (for Canadians).

Next Session Starts

Tuesday, July 7, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Sessions are held over Go-To-Meeting

Limited to 6 Participants

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