Has your boss told you that it’s time to stop working from home?

You like the company you work for and the work you do, and you’ve loved working from home over the two years plus.

You’ve loved the 30-second commute to the “office”.

Not to mention,

  • the savings in dry cleaning and travel expenses,
  • having a hot lunch at home instead of a brown-bagged sandwich or an expensive restaurant or food court meal,
  • being able to start a nice dinner during the times you would have had a coffee break when you were in the office,
  • you feel more productive without the water cooler chit chat or people dropping by your desk or office to gossip or discuss the most recent television show you both follow,
  • the ability to take play breaks with your children, or
  • doing your video conference meetings from your patio or by the pool.

Now that much of the population has had at least two vaccines, maybe one or two boosters, many employers want staff to come back to the office. And you just got the notice that your company is one of them.

Some people may have been looking forward to going back, but you’re not one of them.

You have three options:

  1. suck it up and go back to the office and stay with the company,
  2. become part of the “Great Resignation” and hand in your notice – if you can afford to, or
  3. go back and start looking for another job.

You may have feelings of anger, resentment, fear or lack of trust. After all, your boss trusted you to get the job done from home for at least 24 months. Why can’t it just continue?

If item 2 above is not an option and you need help dealing with the feelings you have around this back to work ultimatum, consider hypnosis to help manage these feelings so that you can go back to work successfully with a positive attitude. 

I can help you with this and invite you to book a free consultation to discuss it and see if hypnosis is right for you.

And if this has happened to you, share in the comments how you handled it or felt about it. Were you happy to go back to the office, or did you enjoy working from home?

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