Help, my husband doesn’t listen

“Help, my husband doesn’t listen” was a topic in a Clubhouse room that I was in this afternoon. There was quite a number of ladies listening and joining in with their tips and ideas on how to deal with it.

Does your husband, or wife for that matter, listen when you speak to them. No? If they don’t, how do you react when they do.

Do you get angry or annoyed? And does it start a fight?

husband doesn't listen

All of the participants shared great tips on how to deal with this. My share was that you can’t control whether someone listens to you or not. All you can really control is how you react to the situation.

And this is where hypnosis can be very helpful. If your reaction to these situations is annoyance, frustration or anger, these are something you can control. When you can manage these reactions you can avoid an argument. This will allow you to remain calm and possibly have a conversation about the situation. Or, you just keep your cool and go on with your day.

This is an area that hypnosis can help with.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner has said, “The only thing a person has full power over is themselves and how they react to others, and we don’t often have that.”

Someone may not have that very often, but I don’t believe that one can never have that. There may be something stored in your inner computer, your subconscious mind, that causes you to react negatively when you are not being heard.

Hypnosis can help you change that inner programming so that you have that control and potentially avoid unnecessary fights.

You are invited to enjoy a free consultation to determine if hypnosis is something that is right for you it can help you to better handle those times when your husband doesn’t listen to you.

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