Complete Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to hypnosis for weight loss. You are a unique individual and your needs are specific to you.

And that’s why I am happy to offer you a hybrid program to help you reach your goal weight.

This 8 session program is unique because it has three components that help tailor your plan to you.

Part 1 of the Complete Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program – The Virtual Gastric Band

Your hypnosis for weight loss program starts with the Virtual Gastric Band. Your subconscious will believe that you have had a gastric band installed on your stomach and that you have a golfball sized pouch at the top of your stomach.

This program will help you be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. You will enjoy three small meals a day without:

  • snacking in between meals
  • having to eat “diet” food
  • counting calories, points, selections, etc.
  • drinking shakes or taking diet supplements or pills
  • feeling deprived
  • being on a “diet”

virtual gastric band


Part 2: Your Needs Assessment

You will complete an assessment form that includes a questionnaire where you will complete:

  • 125 true/false questions to determine your hypnotic personality type
  • a quiz to help you determine which trouble spots cause you the most trouble when it comes to eating
  • an essay area to explain why you want to lose weight

The true/false portion of the questionnaire will help me determine how to offer you suggestions in your program.

The quiz will help me determine which of the following areas you need assistance with:

  • quantity of food
  • time of day
  • food for companionship
  • imprints from an early age
  • sugar

  • subconscious eating
  • socializing with food
  • anger
  • boredom
  • salt/salty food

  • stress
  • food as a reward
  • eating zones
  • hunger
  • habit patterns

  • snacking
  • confidence
  • taste
  • exercise
  • liquids

Part 3 of the Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program – Specialty Areas

There are some areas which can hinder weight loss.

Specifically, they are:

The Drink Less Program

If you’re the type of person who has the habit of having a drink or two (or more) in the evening, you might want to add this component to your program.

Alcohol can increase your appetite and decreases inhibitions. So if you’re having a drink while watching television in the evening, you are more likely to snack before bedtime.

It also affects your stomach, liver and kidneys which also has an impact on your body’s processing of food.

Learn more at this page (note, this link opens in a new tab).

Hypnosis Meets Nutrition

If you are the type of person who has a hard time making better food choices either at a restaurant or when you are grocery shopping, the Hypnosis Meets Nutrition program may be the add-on that you choose.

Shed the Sugar

If you can’t stay away from sugar, this may the choice you make to add to your program. Hypnosis can help you reduce your dependence on sugar.

Are you ready to get started?

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Do you have questions about hypnosis?

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