Hypnosis in the News – August 3, 2018

As a hypnotist, I like to know what is happening in the hypnosis world. I have a Google alert set up for that topic.

Each Friday I am going to share an interesting article I have read this week.

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Mandy Moore used hypnosis to settle nerves before Oscars performance

You would think that performers wouldn’t be nervous about performing for their peers, but apparently, it is the case. Take Mandy Moore for example. About one month before performing a nominated song at the Oscars, she sought help from a hypnotist to calm her nerves so that she could give an awesome performance.

The key thing I like about this article is that she followed up on her session by listening to the recording her hypnotist gave to her every night for a month before the big Oscar night.

I give my clients a reinforcement CD to take home with them (if they don’t have a CD player, I can make a digital download available to them) to listen to daily.

I usually suggest that clients listen to their recording at least once a day for one month or more. The more you listen to your reinforcement recording, the more successful you can be. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit but 90 days to change a lifestyle.

Click here to read the article about Mandy Moore.

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