Drink Less Alcohol

drink less alcohol with hypnosis

Are you concerned about how your drinking is affecting your life? Maybe you are concerned about potential health risks, your weight or the effect it is having on your career or your relationships. Then the Drink Less Alcohol program is for you.

Are you feeling that you should cut back on your drinking?

Maybe you want to eliminate completely from your life or you just want to stop drinking during the week.

Then, this three-session hypnosis program is for you!

The Drink Less program will help you:

  • to become very aware of the circumstances around your drinking
  • make you consciously aware of your drinking habits
  • to take responsibility for your drinking and easily follow a plan for reduction

Please note that this is not a program for alcoholics. If stopping drinking causes you to be ill, please consult with your doctor to discuss treatment options.

What happens when you drink less alcohol (or stop completely)

When you reduce or eliminate alcohol, you’ll:

  • eat less
  • sleep better
  • have a better metabolism
  • have better skin
  • improve your heart health

Are you ready to drink less alcohol?

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