Menopause Relief Program

Menopause Relief Program

menopause relief with hypnosis

“hypnosis appears to be a feasible and promising intervention for hot flashes”*

Are You . . .

Losing sleep because of night sweats?

Are night sweats caused by menopause affecting your days and your nights?

Do you lose sleep because of sweating and even having to get up and change your clothes and sheets?

Does the resulting tiredness the next day affect your ability to think, work and do everyday tasks?

The kind of “hot” you don’t want to be?

Do you feel the start of that heat in your neck and face and you know that you are turning red and you have no control over it? Or do you feel like a volcano is erupting and spreading all over your body?

Does this feeling cause you stress, panic, moodiness and even embarrassment?

One of the millions of women for whom HRT is NOT an option?

Some women don’t want to or can’t take HRT. Doctors are often reluctant to prescribe hormone replacement therapy to women (or close female relatives) who have had:

  • breast cancer
  • ovarian cancer
  • endometrial cancer
  • blood clots in the legs or lungs
  • a stroke
  • liver disease

If you are, you need to know about the Menopause Relief Program

Consider Relaxation instead of Medication!

This four-session menopause relief program could help eliminate or reduce those night sweats and hot flashes – helping you take back control of your life.

You will receive tools and techniques to help you manage this time of your life. In addition to the hypnosis sessions you enjoy in my office, you will also receive download links for hypnosis recordings to download and listen to at home.

Sceptical about hypnosis? Learn more about it at this page on my website. Ready to learn more? Click the Book Now link in the menu at the top of the page. We’ll spend about half an hour discussing your needs. It could be the 30 minutes that changes your life!

Helen Breward, a Hypnotist in England, created this program.

The following results were achieved in UK trials of the program:

  • fewer symptoms in 75% of the participants
  • 10% of participants eliminated their symptoms completely

*Younus, Jawaid, Ian Simpson, Alison Collins, and Xikui Wang, “Mind Control of Menopause.” Women’s Health Issues. 13.2 (2003) 74-78