Quit Nail Biting

Quit That Nail Biting Habit with Hypnosis

Are you ready to quit nail biting and have beautiful hands? Hypnosis CAN help! Have you been biting your nails all your life? Do you find that you are doing it without thinking about it?

I have helped many people quit biting their nails. Click here to read about a couple of success stories.

quit biting your nails with hypnosis

Dangers of Biting Your Nails

Besides being an annoying habit, nail biting can also:

  • leave you open to getting infections in your hands, including sepsis in extreme cases
  • transfer germs to your mouth causing you to get more frequent colds
  • harm your teeth
  • cause permanent damage to your nail bed causing problems with future nail growth
  • reduce your confidence
  • cause stomach irritation from germs making their way to your digestive system

Are You Ready to Quit that Habit?

Are you ready to have hands that you won’t want to hide? Book your free strategy session to discuss quitting that nail biting habit today.

I look forward to speaking with you about helping ou quit biting your nails.

If you have questions about hypnosis is and how it works, click here to learn more about hypnosis.