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If you are tired of living that same old story, hypnosis can help you write a new chapter

rewrite your inner story with hypnosis

Services are offered to local clients in person in my office or online over a platform designed for telehealth (not Zoom)

Eight Ways Hypnosis Helps People Succeed

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Other ways hypnosis can help you succeed:




Anger Management


Career Success





Exam Anxiety

Exercise Motivation













Performance Stress


Problem Solving


Public Speaking

Reach Goals


Resistance to Change


Sales Performance

Sexual Issues


Skin Picking

Sports Improvement


Study Habits




Writers Block

Here’s why willpower often doesn’t work, but hypnosis does

The reasons why we have the habits, behaviours, feelings and beliefs we do are rooted in our subconscious mind. This part of the mind is very stubborn and doesn’t like to make changes.

You make a decision to make a change but there’s a part of your mind called the critical factor, which is kind of like a gatekeeper, that checks in with your subconscious to see if the change can be accepted.

The subconscious will check its programming and finds that you need that behaviour for “x”, “y” or “z” reason and rejects the change. It’s a story your inner mind tells itself.

When you go into hypnosis, you bypass the critical factor. Then, if the change is something that you really want to make, that suggestion should go in and rewrite that story and help you successfully make that change.

Please note that I do not work with clients under the age of 21

hypnosis rates

Your Investment in Your New You

You’re Worth It!

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People often ask how long sessions are. That answer varies. Because the process I use is client-focused, it depends on the client. But the following is a good rule of thumb to plan your time.

Hypnosis is not typically a “one-and-done” situation

I often get calls asking how much a session is. The fact is, that issues are not often cleared up in one session. Just as continued sessions are often recommended for massage, reiki or chiropractic care, the same applies to hypnosis.

That being said, while other options for resolving issues could take many hours of sessions, issues tend to be resolved in three to six sessions with hypnosis. Everyone is different so the number of sessions needed are as well. I often suggest that clients start with a three session package and then determine where they are after the third session.

But, if you have multiple things you want to work on, a 12-session package may be a better option for you given that the cost per session is lower.

First Session

Your first appointment will be scheduled for two hours. This does not mean that the session will last the entire two hours.

Subsequent Sessions

These appointments are booked for 60 minutes. These sessions generally last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Most concerns can be resolved in three to six sessions. Some things like weight loss may require more sessions, depending on how much support you would like.

If you have multiple things you would like to work on, a 12 session package is your best bet.

We do your first session and schedule a follow-up session a week later. In your second session, we assess how things are going. Then, one of two things will happen.

  1. If the issue appears to be under control after the first session, we do reinforcement for continued success in your second session. In the case of the three-session package, your third session is available to use for a tune-up or for something else within one year.
  2. If more work is needed, we address it in the second session. If things are under control after the second session, we will do your reinforcement for continued success in your third session.

The same process applies to other multi session packages, but you have more sessions available to use for other issues or for periodic tune-ups throughout the year.

Introductory Session


You’ve never had hypnosis before and are not sure if it’s right for you. This is a great way to test the water and see if you like it.

This session is not meant to work on a specific issue, rather you will receive a confidence boosting session.

Single Session


Unlike the introductory session, this session is to work on an issue.

You should be aware that results typically require more than one session.

Save with Packages

3 Sessions $597

6 Sessions $997

12 Sessions $1,697