Hypnotized by the Media

Have you been hypnotized by the media – mainstream or social?

Did you answer “No”? I have news for you. You probably have been.

Someone on Facebook posted the following last night and within two hours, he lost five friends.

hypnotized by the media

What could someone find offensive about this – wouldn’t you love a vacation? I’m sure that many of those people who unfriended this man because of that post would.

They were hypnotized by the media!

This just goes to show that when people are reading stuff on social, their conscious minds are not fully engaged. Someone reading this meme with their rational, analytical conscious mind would have seen the word vacation. Instead, they say the word vaccination.

hypnotized by the media

It’s not just the mainstream media either

Marshall McLuhan said that the “medium is the message”. He was right. I wonder what he would have thought of what social media has become if he had lived into the 2000s?

We get into a zone when we are on social media. And that zone is a state of hypnosis. How many times have you read a message on Facebook and then see another message apologizing for some stupid autocorrect? It’s happened to me on both ends. I’ve read a message and not even noticed the wrong word. And I’ve apologized for an autocorrect and the recipient replied that they hadn’t even noticed. They just read what they expected to see.

And so, when those five people saw that post, they saw “mandatory vaccinations”.

Why? Because that’s all that’s been on all media – mainstream and social – lately. Who is eligible for one? Which ones are safe? When will we get one? Do we want one?

We get into a “zone” and that zone is a state of hypnosis

I always smile when people say they have never been hypnotized before. Because everyone has been at one time or another whether they are aware of it or not. Especially when they are hypnotized by the media.

This is why advertisers pay the big bucks to advertise their products. People are very susceptible to advertising when they are watching television or scrolling through social channels.

When we’re scrolling through social media posts or watching a movie, when we get really involved in something, we get into that “zone”. And in that zone, we bypass our conscious mind and are in our subconscious. And the the subconscious mind is not rational or analytical. It believes what it is seeing is 100% real.

And that is why those people who unfriended my friend got annoyed. Because they thought that he was supporting mandatory vaccinations, not mandatory vacations. A classic example of being hypnotized by the media.

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