Is the Fear of Failure Blocking Your Success?

So many dreams have been killed by the fear of failure. And it is a very sneaky fear because it mostly lives in your imagination.

And it almost guarantees failure because do many people don’t even attempt to do things because they are afraid of failing.

babies have no fear of failure

Failure is not an option for children.

They don’t get the concept.

If failure was in our awareness as small children, we wouldn’t have ever learned to walk because the first time we fell down, we might not have gotten back up and tried again.

But fortunately for all of us, we did get up and try again and again until we learned to walk and run and move ahead with life.

So when does the fear of failure set in?

Pretty much when we start school. Once we left the secure world of our home life and close circle of friends and moved into the school environment with others who came to school with their own belief systems which included judgements.

Competition became a thing. Judgement becomes a thing. Children can be cruel with teasing. And those experiences can be seared into the subconscious mind at a young age resulting in fear of failure for some of us.

The fear of failure does not have to have a significant impact on your life.

3 Facts About Failure

1. Failure is not something unusual, in fact, it’s very educational

Everyone has failed thousands of times and yet humanity survives. As I said before, we failed all the time as babies but yet we grew to become adults. Babies try and try to learn how to walk and talk.

I have never seen a baby start talking in complete sentences or talking across the room on their first attempt.

Failure is how we learn as human beings. If one thing doesn’t work, we try another and another until we get it right.

Failure helps us learn and grow both mentally and physically.

The most successful people have failed at least once and most more times than that.

There’s a reason for the term, “baby steps”.

2. You are often more concerned about failing than others are

It’s true. There may be some who may pay attention to your misstep, but it will likely be fleeting before they put their attention back on their own challenges. Humans can be kind of narcissistic.

So don’t worry. Go ahead and fail as much as you need to. And the more times this happens, the more you’ll see that no one important to you really cares.

3. Failing is Not Permanent, well it is if you let yourself quit

Unless you decide to throw in the towel and give up, failing is only temporary.

If everyone quit after their first attempt didn’t work, we wouldn’t have the Dyson vacuum cleaner, Snow White or awesome movies by Stephen Spielberg.

For example, James Dyson developed 5,126 prototypes before getting that vacuum right. Walt Disney was fired for “having no imagination” and he failed at many businesses. And Spielberg was rejected by the USC school of Cinematic Arts before filming Jaws.

If they and other successful people had a fear of failure, we would have a poorer world.

How much has the fear of failure limited your life?

Gretzky said that you “miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. And he’s right.

What could happen if you let the fear of failure keep you from taking that shot? Would you still be where you are now in 10 years? Is taking a risk a better option than staying where you are right now?

Do you want to overcome that fear of failure?

I said earlier that the fear of being judged starts early in our lives. And here’s the thing. It gets ingrained in our subconscious at that early age.

And for some people, that can be hard to overcome. Are you one of them?

If so, here is the good news. You can get over that fear of failure with hypnosis. While that fear is programmed in your subconscious mind, that programming can be changed with hypnosis.

We aren’t born with a fear of failure. It is something we learn. And hypnosis can help you unlearn it.

Do you want to get on the road to success? You can by booking a free inquiry call to see if hypnosis is right for you. I’d love to help you with this. Let’s talk.

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