Is vaping bad for you?

In recent news out of the States, six people have died from vaping. Even though this is a small number, it is a number worth taking note of.

CNN just had an article about an 18-year-old young man who has the lungs of a 70-year-old after vaping for about a year and a half.

People are now starting to question if vaping is bad for you.

vaping is bad for you

Adam Hergenreder discovered the hard way is bad for you

Adam Hergenreder is the young man in the CNN article. He was athletic and now that may be gone.

Adam started vaping for the usual reason young people often start smoking, to fit in with the crowd. He started vaping nicotine along with the other various flavours and added marijuana into the mix.

Vaping shouldn’t be an alternative to smoking

Vaping is being sold as a great alternative to smoking – either to:

  • teens who find that smoking isn’t cool, but vaping looks cooler, or
  • adults who want to quit smoking but just can’t break the habit of having something in their mouth.

What’s in this stuff anyway?

Everyone knows that there are thousands of chemical in tobacco. But most people don’t really know what they are sucking in when they vape.

Here’s a rundown:

  • nicotine, for starters, and we all know why that’s not a good thing to breathe in
  • formaldehyde – also found in antifreeze, building materials, paints, film processing and of course, embalming fluid at the funeral home
  • diacetyl – which has a buttery flavour and is suspected of causing a condition called “popcorn lung
  • various flavourings which are chemically based and are used in a lot of food, but the jury is out as to what their effect is when inhaled
  • acrolein – can contribute to heart disease and lung damage
  • particulates and metals in the aerosol in the liquid
  • and probably more

And that nice flavour is another reason vaping is bad for you

Smokers have to be really determined to start smoking. Because 99% of the time, that first cigarette tastes like hell. No one lights up their first tobacco cigarette and says, “gee, that tastes great, I’m so glad I tried this”.

Uh-uh. Nope. Nada. Pretty much everyone gags, sputters and coughs after their first cigarette. But because they want to fit in with the crowd, they force themselves to adapt to it. And a smoker is born.

With mango, cherry, peppermint flavouring, e-cigs taste pleasant so there’s no work to make it palatable.

And it can be a gateway to tobacco

In 2016, the Pediatrics Journal found that teens who vaped were six times more likely to try tobacco. So for young people, e-cigs may be the training wheels for tobacco.

Has vaping become a habit for you?

If vaping has become a habit and you are concerned that vaping is bad for you, let’s talk. Hypnosis helps people overcome habits and it can help overcome this one too.

And if you are a smoker who is considering switching to vaping because you think it is somehow “safer”, why not consider quitting. I have a four-session program to help you taper off and become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

If you are ready to quit either habit, why not book a free strategy session and we can talk about how hypnosis can help you stop inhaling these chemicals and enjoy a healthy future.

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