Are you finding joy in your job?

no joy in your job

Do you find joy in your job? Or, do you spend all week looking at the finish line that is called Friday? And do you spend Sunday night dreading Monday morning?

The question occurred to me this morning when I was on my treadmill. I was watching the Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra video, “Wembley or Bust”. It was amazing how much joy each performer was feeling, from the back up singers to Jeff Lynne himself.

I’m sure Mr. Lynne pays his band well, but I could tell they just weren’t there for the money.

So here’s my question to you – do you still find joy in your job?

Think back to when you started your career. I’m guessing that every day was an adventure and you looked forward to going to work every day. Maybe you even did a lot of unpaid overtime because you loved what you did so much.

But, did something change? Did you stop finding joy in your job? Did it become a daily grind that you did for the pay cheque?

I used to be an office worker and when I started doing it, I really enjoyed it. For the first few years at least. Then it did become a grind. I’d move from job to job.

And after a few years, I’d get tired of the job, the people, the company and move on.

Eventually I branched out on my own and became a virtual assistant. And that was when I realized it wasn’t the jobs and it wasn’t the companies. It wasn’t even the money – it was me. I hated what I was doing even though I was really good at it.

If you’re not finding joy in your job, you have two options

Option 1

You can find a new job or career, something that makes you happy.

If you don’t know what that is, a career or life coach could help you with that.

Option 2

Find out why you’ve lost your joy in your job and find out what is blocking you from loving what you do.

This was my solution

In my case, I went on a search to find what did bring me joy. And that led me to hypnosis, which I absolutely love doing.

I find joy in helping every client I work with. So much so, that I spent four hours with a client one day. This was a rare thing but she needed the time and I had it, so we went for it.

Here’s where I come in

I can help you with option 2 if you want to stay in your current career.

In hypnosis we can work on why you aren’t finding joy in your job and help you regain that.

If this post resonates with you I invite you to book a free strategy call. We can discuss if hypnosis is something that can help you. It could be the 45 minutes that changes your life!

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