Lose Weight with Hypnosis

It is possible to lose weight with hypnosis.

First, there is one important question you have to answer. Second, you must answer it honestly.

“On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being extremely motivated, where are you on that scale?”

What number did you come up with? 10, 9, 8? Great, you are ready to lose weight with hypnosis.

Under an 8? You might want to reconsider the idea. The thing is, if you really don’t want to make the change but think that hypnosis is a magic bullet that can make you lose weight, it won’t happen. Hypnosis is something I do with clients, not to them.

If you are:

  • ready to make a positive change
  • realistic about losing one to two pounds each week
  • willing to participate fully in the process by doing the homework you receive

And you have the correct mental attitude, “I like this, I know it is going to work!”, you CAN lose weight with hypnosis.

Click here to read a testimonial from a successful client, Maurice Q.

Programs to help you lose weight with hypnosis

Different people have different needs. I understand this and I have three different programs to help you achieve your goals.

The Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band program is exactly what the title says it is.

In your first session, your subconscious mind believes that you have had a gastric band installed on your stomach.

This four-session program will help you to:

  • be satisfied with much smaller amounts of food
  • enjoy three meals a day without the need to snack
  • take back control from food
  • know that food is meant to nourish your body, not soothe your soul

The great thing about this program is that it is not a diet. That’s right! You can eat whatever you want within your three meals a day.

lose weight with hypnosis with the virtual gastric band

lose weight with hypnosis by reducing your sugar intake

Shed the Sugar

If too much sugar is keeping you from getting rid of the pounds, this three-session program is for you!

This program will help retrain your mind to:

  • make you aware of your food choices
  • help you apply realistic strategies to control what you eat
  • make it easier for you to resist the appeal of sweet foods
  • feel better as your metabolism starts to work as it should

Make Better Nutritional Choices

This four-session program will increase your awareness of what a balanced healthy diet is and refocus your mind to make better nutritional choices.

This program will help you to:

  • be consciously aware of your food choices
  • motivate you to choose nutrient-dense foods and eat less fat-promoting foods, increasing your energy
  • turn off the mental switch that causes you to want to eat nutritionally deficient foods
  • break free from the influence of advertisers

lose weight with hypnosis by learning to make better food choices

Are you ready to lose weight with hypnosis?

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