Maja Nail Biting Testimonial

Testimonial From a Nail Biting Client

“I have been a nail biter for over 30 years. I had moments where I would let my nails grow for a special occasion but I would always bounce back. I’ve always been embarrassed by my nails and kept hiding them from everyone. I came across Julia’s website, read great reviews and decided to give hypnosis a try as my last resort. The only regret I have- I wish I had done it sooner!! I had two sessions with Julia and I haven’t touched my nails since. Today I got my very first manicure in over 30 years and I couldn’t be more happy!!! I highly recommend Julia, she’s a wonderful person to talk to and work with. Thank you again, Julia!!!”

nail biting hypnosis testimonial from Google
7 days after quitting nail biting with Hypnosis