It’s possible for a busy mother to enjoy hypnosis without the kids around

I had a consultation with a potential client who is the mother of four children the other day. She has things that she would like to work on to make her life better and in turn, make things better for her children.

hypnosis for the busy mother

And she wants to use hypnosis to do it. In our conversation, which had a soundtrack of her kids and dog in the background, she said that she thought she could “lock herself in the bathroom” to do her hypnosis session.

I said I felt that wouldn’t be a great solution for her. She wasn’t going to relax and it wouldn’t be the most comfortable environment.

We all know that a mother in a bathroom is an open invitation for children to want to get in there to see what mom is doing without them. We also know about the challenges that busy moms face. They need options for self-care on their own schedule too.

Busy mothers, you need some “you time” too

So I asked her what time her kids were in bed for the evening. The bedtime routine starts around 7:00 pm with everyone tucked in for the evening around 8:00. So, I suggested 8:30 would be an option for her session.

This would allow her to be able to focus on herself and get the most out of her session. I already do sessions at 6:30 or 7:00 for west coast clients. So 8:30 isn’t much of a stretch.

She’ll also have an amazing night’s sleep because she’ll be so relaxed so late.

She was so surprised and really appreciated the offer. I’m really looking forward to working with her.

So, if you’re a mom who wants to make a positive change in your life and have been considering hypnosis, let’s talk. Book a free inquiry call today.

After all Mom, you’re so flexible and accommodating for your children, you deserve to have service providers who are flexible for you.

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