More About Fad Diets

Last week I wrote about fad diets.

Yesterday I saw a cute meme on Facebook similar to the image to the right.

I was curious about what my friends would choose, so I shared it.

One of my friends said that right now he could only have the chicken wings.

I replied with “keto again?”. His response was “yep”.

Chicken wings – the one food item in the group of four that can’t be made in a healthier way. Chicken wings are basically just fat with a tiny bit of meat that is a carrier for a sauce.

And this is what the trouble is with fad diets. Restricted choices – true probably for a short period of time, but restrictions still.

fad diet

The choice – fad diet or addressing why one overeats?

A diet that is built on the premise around fast weight loss instead of eating a well balanced healthy diet isn’t great in the long run.

If there is a medical reason why a specific diet needs to be followed, I understand. If a doctor is supervising their patient on such a diet, that’s fine.

But, fad diets don’t address the reasons why people are overweight.

For example:

  • Is it eating too much of everything?
  • Are there reasons in the subconscious why someone eats too much of the wrong things?
  • Is there a medical reason why someone may be overweight?

And does the fad diet help you in the long-term? One article states that only about 15% of people who lose weight on a fad diet keep the weight off.

A better weight-loss option

Of the three reasons for weight retention that I cited above, hypnosis can help with two of them.

And I often suggest that a client be sure that they don’t have a medical reason why they are overweight. For example, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Syndrome or depression.

If there are no medical reasons for retained weight, hypnosis is a great way to help with weight loss.

Willpower goes out the window very quickly when someone is trying to lose weight on their own. It lives in the conscious part of the mind which is limited. It only holds about 7 to 9 pieces of information and if a stress or trigger to overeat comes in, willpower can easily be pushed out.

In hypnosis we work with the subconscious part of the mind where the reasons why someone may overeat is stored.

Reasons such as:

  • comfort eating
  • being overweight for protection – in the case of someone who may have been abused as a child
  • stress
  • imprints – were you told as a child that “children are starving in <insert country>”?
  • boredom
  • mindless eating
  • social eating

These are things that hypnosis can address to help you lose weight in a safe, sustainable and permanent way.

Why not book a consultation to discuss whether hypnosis is right for you and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

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