Multi-tasking in the bedroom – not such a good idea

multi-tasking in the bedroom

Multi-tasking is great – just not in the bedroom

I remember back in the 80s when I worked for a commercial
real estate company and the sales guys all got brand new cell phones. They were
huge, not like the teeny tiny ones today.

Someone asked one of the guys, Ted, if he was going to keep his phone in the bedroom. He was one of the top producers and they figured he’d use that new phone as another tool and be available for calls all the time. Many of his potential purchasers were in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, so given the time difference, it was an obvious question.

His answer was a very emphatic NO. He said that the bedroom was only for two things – sleep and sex.

And you know what? He was right!

Are you multi-tasking in bedroom?

So, the question I have for you is, what do you use your bedroom for? Is it just for those two things or does your multi-tasking in the bedroom habit include:

  • working
  • watching tv
  • surfing the web
  • chatting on the phone
  • playing video games

If you answered “yes” to the above, that means that you have less of a chance of sleeping well in your bedroom – really a one in seven chance.

This is one of the reasons why so many people just don’t get a good night’s sleep. They associate their bed with all those other things.

It’s why they need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning or it may be why they need four cups of coffee before they leave the house in the morning.

Or, it may be why they are snacking on sugary treats in the afternoon because they need a burst of energy. And it’s why they can’t go to sleep at a decent time in the evening because of that coffee they had around 3:00 pm or picked up at Tim’s on the way home because they are so tired that they need a caffeine boost to drive home.

Try this . . .

I’d like you to try an experiment. For just two weeks, stop multi-tasking in the bedroom – make your bedroom your sanctuary. Make it the place where you only sleep or have sex.

Move the television and/or computer out of the bedroom. Put your phone on its charger in another room far away from your bedroom. It may be hard but give it a try. And see how you sleep during that week. The first couple of nights might be hard, but once you adjust you may find you sleep better.

So, if you are using your bed primarily for sleep and getting a good night’s sleep, you are going to be more awake, alert, and aware when doing the tasks in that list above.

After all, if a super salesperson who sold multi-million dollar buildings in Toronto like Ted can unplug for the night, you can too. Be like Ted.

Post a comment below in a week and let me know how you made

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