How Negative Self-Talk Can Sabotage Your Success

Has your negative self-talk been psyching you out on a regular basis? If you’re reading this blog post, it’s probably something that has been bothering you for a while. And you may find that it has been negatively impacting moving forward successfully in life. If you’ve decided that you want to find a way to stop this behaviour, congratulations, that’s awesome!

Does that inner critic speak up more often than you’d like? And when it’s getting chatty, do you listen to it?

negative self-talk

Negative Self-Talk Evaluation

Give yourself 1 point for each item that applies:

  • I criticize my looks.
  • When I have good thoughts, my critical inner-voice reminds me of past failures.
  • I find fault with my accomplishments.
  • I have negative thoughts about my best efforts.
  • When I receive positive feedback, I say or think ‘
    Yes, but. . .’
  • I talk myself out of trying new things.
  • I would never talk to other people the way I talk to myself.
  • When entering a room, I anticipate the worst.
  • I label myself with derogatory names, such as loser, stupid, klutz, etc.
  • I find myself repeating the same negative thoughts automatically.

Did you say yes to more than one of these? Let’s talk!

If you do, you may realize that you aren’t living up to your fullest potential, enjoying the success you deserve. You take that inner critic way too seriously when it says, “don’t bother”, “why try”, “you can’t”, “you don’t deserve to …” and so on.

Your subconscious mind creates negative self-talk. Those thoughts can shape your decisions and actions as you go through life.

When you let those negative words from your subconscious, you are the passenger in your life, not the driver. The more you listen to that annoying, nagging voice in your head, the further you move from your personal and professional goals.

Here are some ways this can impact your business success

  1. You want make cold calls to make your next sale. That little annoying voice says to you, “they’re going to say no”. So if you decide to make the call, you’re expecting a “no” and you don’t sound confident and you do get the “no”.
  2. You are invited to a networking meeting. If that inner critic says, “Ah, why bother… I’ll get all dressed up and it will be a waste of my time”  and you believe it, you just won’t go and you may miss out on making some wonderful new connections.
  3. Doing a good job isn’t good enough. That little voice says, “it has to be perfect”. That may lead you to not try or to put down the best effort you made.
  4. It limits your thinking. Telling yourself something negative over and over again makes it a fact in your mind – even if no one else believes it.

How has negative self-talk affected your success?

Eliminate it

Hypnosis is a fabulous way to silence that negative self-talk. You were not born with that. It’s something you learned either from family, teachers, or others around you as you grew up. Take the following quiz. If you answer yes to more than one of the statements, we should talk. I invite you to book a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

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