Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is an effective way to answer the questions that you can’t seem to answer logically.

Questions like:

  • Why did it seem like I knew my husband the moment we met?
  • My mother told me that when I was a little boy, I said to her that I had a different name and I lived before
  • Why do I have this chronic condition, but my doctor cannot find anything medically wrong?
  • How do I know my way around this city but I’ve never been here before?
  • No one else in my family is artistic except me; why?
  • Why do I keep doing the same things over and over with the same negative result?
  • Did I live in the past? Who was I?

Hypnosis is a great tool to help you answer that question.

Hypnosis Can Help You Turn Back Time

Whether you have a medical reason for considering past life regression, have a relationship or life issue going on, or you’re just curious, hypnotic past life regression can be a revelation.

You have probably heard about the usual reasons for doing a regression discussed above, but have you heard about regression to the inter life?

The interlife is the state of consciousness and being between lives. 

An interlife past life regression session may provide you with the clarity you are looing seeking. Imagine experiencing a feeling of freedom and lightness. 

In this session in you will also have the opportunity to

  • connect with your soul group,
  • have a conversation with a loved one who has crossed over,
  • experience energetic healing, and 
  • visit the Hall of Records.
turn back time with past life regression

Are you curious?

If you are curious about this process, whether you have a specific issue you would like an answer to, or you are just curious, I invite you to book an inquiry call to see if hypnosis is right for you. In this call, I will answer any questions you have. This call will also allow you to decide if you are comfortable with me.