Quit Nail Biting with Hypnosis

"WAS a nail biter for 50 years! So difficult (impossible) to stop the habit however after only one hypnosis session...I have not had the urge since ! Amazing !!!!

I highly recommend this method if you have the same habit..such a great experience...Gentle and relaxing. Julia is very accommodating with regard to appointment days/times.

I had tried EVERY option available to try to quit but nothing worked until now. It's been several weeks and the urge is completely gone and my nails are growing beautifully! Thank you Julia!"

~ Cindy L., London, Ontario

"As an almost life-long nail-biter, I needed help.

Since my session with Julia, my nails are beautiful and I am no longer self-conscious about my hands.

Extra bonus - it's helped with my confidence."

Dawn Comber, Oakville, Ontario

Note, this client had her hypnosis session for nail biting in 2013 and reported in 2017 that she is still enjoying her lovely hands and has not gone back to the habit. / Julia

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