Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

Have you tried to quit smoking on your own with willpower?

Have you tried the patches, drugs, and generic hypnosis recordings?

And maybe it worked for a while, but then something happened . . .

I’m not going to give you all the scary stats about how dangerous smoking is. I’m sure that you probably know all that. So, that’s probably why you’re here reading this page.

Let me tell you about my approach to helping clients quit smoking

There are a lot of hypnotists who will tell you that smoking isn’t an addiction. Also, they feel that quitting smoking with hypnosis is a one-and-done proposition. I’m not one of them.

Cold turkey may not be the way to go if you smoke a lot. Also, it may not be realistic if you’ve smoked for a long time.

I offer clients:

  • a taper down method you reduce the amount you smoke each week.
  • then we have your “Quit Day” where we work on the reasons why you smoke
  • followed by a reinforcement/check in a week later

My method also gives you the tools to do self-hypnosis to help you deal with cravings and emotional situations that in the past may have caused a desire to have a cigarette.

The number of sessions depends on how much you currently smoke. It takes longer to taper down when you smoke more.

Here’s an important question

Take a cigarette out of that package that is in your pocket or purse and look at it. I mean really look at it.

Can you look at it and honestly say:

I don’t like you and I don’t want you in my life any longer?


Then you are ready to quit smoking!

quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Ready to learn more?

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