Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. It is a technique that channel energy to you, the client, and this energy goes to where it is needed in your body to help activate your body’s innate healing abilities.

It works for your highest good and does no harm.

I personally don’t offer in-person Reiki sessions. I do, however, offer these services in two other ways.

Teaching You Reiki

Many Reiki Masters teach full certification courses to others to become Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters (which just means “teacher”) . Which is fine because the more people who know and do Reiki, the better the world becomes.

But I also know that for many people, when they need an appointment with a practitioner, they want it that day.

To this end, I offer people a mini-Reiki course where they can receive the attunements to be able to do Reiki for themselves. I also teach them how to do a self-care session.

The attunements received in this program are the same attunements certified practitioners are taught, but it is done in less than an hour rather than having to spend a minimum of eight hours in a course.

Distance Reiki

While most people think about Reiki as a hands-on, in-person procedure, did you know that Reiki can be done over distance?

Level Two practitioners learn symbols and the procedure to be able to do distance Reiki.

There are two methods of doing this.

  1. Without your participation – I can set up Reiki to be sent to you as needed.
  2. We can be connected online and using a surrogate (a teddy bear) here in my office, I can do the hand positions to channel the Reiki energy to various parts of your body.