Security & Privacy Information

Security & Privacy Information re Covid 19

I have re-opened my office but you have two options to improve your world with hypnosis with in-person and online sessions. (learn more about online hypnosis)

Changes have been made to ensure your security for both options:

  • Intake and assessment forms are now completed online using an encrypted service.
  • Email communication (after the initial contact) is now done through an encrypted service (with servers in Canada).
  • Appointments are booked and client information is stored a platform with servers located in Canada.
  • Online sessions are conducted using a service that is peer-to-peer and this means that your sessions are not routed through services that have servers located outside of Canada (this is not Zoom).

Safety Precautions for In-Person Sessions

  • Social distancing is in place. Only one client at a time in the office. In the recliner, you will be sitting at least six feet away from me.
  • Unnecessary items have been removed from surfaces that you may touch and surfaces are wiped down in between clients. Hand sanitizer is available.
  • You will be provided with a face shield that you are welcome to take home after your session. You are requested to bring it with you for all sessions.
  • To avoid hand-to-hand contact, water glasses will no longer be provided. You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle with you.