Self-Confidence Starts Within You

If you are in business, does your self-confidence or lack of it cause you to change your appearance?

I had a networking Zoom meeting this week with a woman in a specialized component of the insurance business. Most of the people she deals with are older than her. She dyed her hair grey so that her clients would take her more seriously.

And I wondered, was this a self-confidence issue? She knows her business. And she isn’t that young, probably in her thirties.

I heard a great quote today.

“Self-Confidence Starts With You”

But, have you ever changed your appearance to appear older or younger in your business life? I’ve heard of new doctors growing moustaches to gain patients’ confidence by appearing older.

But what if you had the inner confidence to be yourself in business?

Are you a younger person starting in business with an older clientele, and is the question, “will I be taken seriously the way I currently look?” hanging out in your mind?

And if you did change your appearance, did your confidence improve? Or did you feel like an imposter, inauthentic? And you worried that others would see that too.

If successfully changing your appearance helped with your business success, that’s great.

But, if you made that change, but your self-confidence was still not where you wanted it to be, maybe that quote about self-confidence starting with you might be something to consider.

Or maybe we could re-phrase it to read:

“Self-confidence starts WITHIN you”.

And this is an area where hypnosis can help. You may have heard comments while growing up from adults in your life, society, on television or in magazines that decided that a person in a specific industry had to be in one particular age range or had to look a specific way.

These thoughts got stored in that inner computer of yours – your subconscious mind.

And if you want to be successful in what you do. You know your stuff, but you need to tame that inner thought that you aren’t enough – in age or looks, hypnosis can help you with that. If you are ready to kick that feeling of not being enough to the curb and embrace your self-confidence, why not book a free consultation with me to discuss if hypnosis is right for you. It could be the conversation that changes your life.

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