Get Ready to Breath Easy

Stop Smoking Program

Get Ready to Breathe

A group hypnosis program designed to help you become a non-smoker in five days

How many “stop smoking” programs have you tried over the years?

Have you tried the patch, gum, pills, cold turkey, etc., just to have none of it stick? Well, maybe it stuck for a while – but in the long term? How did that work for you?

The times when you did quit, did you think about cigarettes and the fact that you had to resist the temptation?

What ultimately made you give in?

This five-session hypnosis program can help you become a non-smoker, once and for all.

The “Get Ready to Breathe” Program

This is a five-session group hypnotherapy program to help your subconscious mind understand how you have been brainwashed, conned into continuing to smoke.

It will help you reach the point where it feels more unnatural to keep smoking than it does to stop.

Smoking will feel like it’s not part of your identity, making it easy for you to detach yourself from it.

It’s kind of like a snake shedding its skin instead of having it ripped away.

hypnotherapy stop smoking program

How This Program Is Different From Other Stop Smoking Programs

Many programs that help people stop smoking are based on fear or aversion.

But you already know all the negative aspects of smoking and you still do it. And you may be disgusted with yourself each time you light up, but still, you do it anyway.

In this program, I’m not going to ask you to hand me your cigarettes when you walk in the door. None of that.

In fact, I encourage you to keep smoking and only stop when you no longer feel any desire to smoke.

When people stop smoking because of fear or aversion, they often become vehement anti-smokers. I’m sure you know many of these people.

What causes that? The answer is easy – they’re still attached to tobacco.

I don’t want that for you. I want smoking to mean nothing to you. I want it to mean so little that you don’t care if you smoke or not.

Your Investment

Because this is a group program with a maximum of five participants, your investment is less than the cost of five personal sessions.

The group will meet for up to 90 minutes each evening from a Monday to a Friday.

Your investment in your health is only $200+HST (about the cost of two cartons of cigarettes).

“Get Ready to Quit” Course

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Are you ready to stop smoking?

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