Self Improvement

Julia is an absolute angel on earth sent to my life. With only two sessions, I’ve seen a lifetime worth of results. I never thought I could feel this way again, and I’ve learned so much about myself I never had perceived before. For whoever reads this, I truly recommend to give yourself a second chance to believe that you can feel good again, because change CAN happen for the good!

Reducing or Stopping Drinking

I’m 55 and have been drinking for 41 years. I never lost a job and I never lost a marriage but I was drinking habitually every day and 10 years ago I started drinking whiskey.

It caused me to gain weight, my blood pressure increased and most recently my short-term memory was being adversely affected… As well my wife was tired of the constant snoring.

I decided it was time for a change and having tried AA and quitting on my own, I knew I needed help. Julia told me that my commitment was half the battle and I was very committed to stopping drinking. I purchased three sessions from Julia and I can honestly tell you that my cravings for alcohol were gone after the first session by about 99%.

After the second session, it was over – I knew in my heart that I was no longer a drinker. Do not discount hypnosis if you are a drinker or you suffer from addictions of any sort. This has been a game-changer for me. If you’re committed, I’m sure it will be for you too. Julia is totally professional and very committed to your well-being – I am grateful for her caring nature and I’m over the moon excited about going forward in my life without alcohol.


I had an online session with Julia a few months ago. I found it extremely effective!! Julia was both professional and very knowledgeable in her field. She put me at ease right away and worked with my surroundings. I highly recommend trying a session with her.


As an almost life-long nail-biter, I needed help… Since my session with Julia, my nails are beautiful and I am no longer self-conscious about my hands. Extra bonus – it’s helped with my confidence.


My confidence has improved tremendously. I taught my first class last fall, something I had been avoiding for such a long time. I no longer have a fear of public speaking thanks to Julia.

Fear of Heights and Falling

I’m 64 yrs old, retired and have a hobby business of cutting trees down and trimming.  I have an experienced climber (who is also a competitive climber) so seldom do my feet leave the ground.  This partnership is great as I have a fear of heights and/or fear of falling. 

Last April I was in Charlotte, N.C. at my partner’s competition when I was approached by a guy who organizes a competition outside Orlando  Florida every January which is geared for 40 yr+ climbers.  I always wanted to be able to climb but was held back by my fears.  With a little support from my partner and wife, I opted to go. 

I sought out Julia to help me get past my fears.  With her help, I did attend the competition and left with having accomplished my goals.  This feat was a personal milestone and I’m looking forward to next Jan.!!  Thanks, Julia.

Nail Biting / Unresolved Grief

I’ve had hypnosis with Julia, twice – on two separate issues – and without a doubt, I can say that I achieved the results that I had hoped for and more. First nail-biting – an embarrassing habit for a businesswoman. I am delighted to say that since my session with Julia 7 years ago, I have never fallen back into the habit of nail-biting. More recently, I came to Julia with another issue – less definable. Hypnosis with her helped to free me from unresolved grief. Thank you, Julia!

Hair Pulling

I have had a lifelong hair-pulling disorder all my life. Many years ago, after many different attempts and methods of trying to stop, I was able to stop for a two year period using hypnosis. Unfortunately, I had a number of dear friends die within a short period of time and went back to hair-pulling. At that time the person I worked with using hypnosis had retired.

Fast forward 17 years and I was at a point of wanting to stop this behaviour once and for all. I went to Julia and stopped after the first treatment, and was supported with tapes to listen to, cards to use as visual touchpoints, and two follow-up hypnosis sessions. I have had three people, dear to me, die since my first appointment with Julia and I have had no desire to use hair-pulling as a stress reliever. I have not added other negative behaviours into my life to cope with stress.

I believe the method Julia uses is effective and provides a person with positive alternatives to the behaviour I wanted to stop. She is professional from start to finish and is easy to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has tried other methods to stop negative coping behaviours.

Sleep Issues

After suffering from sleep issues for more than 5 years, I tried a variety of solutions. I had discussed the issue with my doctor, had taken meditation courses, used yoga and spent lots of money on useless over-the-counter products. Nothing was effective and I had really lost hope. I thought to give hypnosis a try but I was doubtful. I was so wrong! I met with Julia and immediately felt she would be successful in addressing my issues. She is caring and friendly but very professional. She followed up with me to learn if my progress was stable. I would recommend her and her services without hesitation. Thanks, Julia!


I WAS a nail biter for 50 years! So difficult(impossible) to stop the habit however after only one hypnosis session…I have not had the urge. Amazing !!!! I highly recommend this method if you have the same habit..such a great experience…Gentle and relaxing. Julia is very accommodating with regard to appointment days/times. I had tried EVERY option available to try to quit but nothing worked until now. It’s been several weeks and the urge is completely gone and my nails are growing beautifully! Thank you, Julia!

Quitting Smoking

Your techniques work well. You successfully hypnotized me into quitting smoking on November 17 and reinforced the idea a week later at a second session. I haven’t had any cravings, desire to buy cigarettes or anything of that kind. It’s like waking up from a bad dream and happy to go on without smoking at all. I would recommend Julia to anyone who wants to quit smoking. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate all your work.

Sleep Issues

This Facebook message was from a Nurse who always works the overnight shift. She was having trouble getting a decent sleep during the day following her shift.

overcoming sleep issues with hypnosis

Weight Loss

I am 58 years old and because of my love for beer, fast foods, snacks and anything else I craved, I allowed myself to reach 273 lbs. body weight with a size 45-inch waist. I am only 5 feet 5 inches tall so I felt as round as I am tall. I felt absolutely exhausted, terrible and disgusted with myself. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and there is a history of diabetes in my family. I had no energy or drive to do anything and would get winded drying off after a shower. My wife says I would wheeze watching TV. I was also starting to have mobility issues with my knees and hips and it was difficult to climb the stairs to bed.

I was always able to find the motivation to lose weight before and would successfully hit the 20-pound weight loss with diet and exercise only to put it back on and more after a few months. I knew I needed to make positive changes to my health but was unable to somehow get that drive in the right direction.

I decided to try something different to grasp that spark to get me going and underwent hypnosis with Julia at A Butterfly’s Touch Wellness one month ago for weight loss. My goal is to lose 100 lbs. within a year based on one to two lbs. per week.

I followed Julia’s expert direction with “easy homework” each week to implant the positive suggestions in my subconsciousness thought process as well as consciously being aware of the changes I had to make to reach my goals. Julia also provided me with a sensible diet book to follow to help with my plan.

Since the hypnosis sessions, my life has been turned 180 degrees as I now eat properly without even thinking about it, I naturally turn to healthy foods and snacks and have no desire for junk or fast foods. I am also working out four times a week at the gym I’ve joined as well as doing an hour a day on my treadmill. Since starting the therapy I’ve lost twenty-five lbs., five inches off my waist and feel like a new person, I have tons of energy to burn now and no longer feel like a blimp. The doctor says at this rate I will be able to come off all medications as well.

Having the hypnotherapy was the best money I’ve ever spent! No looking back as I move on to reach my goals.

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