The cure for the common fad diet

The fad diet – every year there’s another one. They are usually made up of eating one or two specific items for a period of time, usually a couple of weeks.

For example:

  • cabbage soup diet
  • boiled egg diet (pictured)
  • peanut butter diet
  • coconut diet
  • liquid diets
  • tapeworm diet
  • acai diet
  • and the list goes on and on and on
fad diet example

I expect the time limit for a fad is about two weeks for the following reasons:

  1. if followed religiously, a lot of weight can come off in a short period of time, and
  2. two weeks is probably as long as someone can hack being on such a diet.

And here’s the other downside. Using the example of the boiled eggs diet, after two weeks on this diet, the dieter would probably be sick and tired of eggs, vegetables and chicken. Three very health food groups.

And yes, you can lose a lot of weight fast on a fad diet. And yes, you can regain the weight back just as quickly as you lost it.

The Cons of Fad Diets*

Besides getting sick of the food groups consumed during a fad diet, there are some other potential negative aspects to this type of weight loss:

  • temporary results
  • much of the weight lost may be water weight
  • fatigue
  • increased cravings – with the potential for binging when it’s over
  • dehydration
  • not getting a proper balance of nutrients
  • dizziness
  • diarrhea

And the biggest con, you don’t address the reasons for your weight. Reasons you may not even be consciously aware of.

People can have weight issues for a number of reasons.

Some of them can be:

  • comfort
  • emotional reasons
  • protection
  • stress
  • boredom
  • they don’t like to exercise
  • susceptibility to advertising
  • bad eating habits learned as a child
  • not enough sleep
  • other reasons they may not be consciously aware of

Hypnosis can be a cure for the common fad diet

I use a hypnosis technique called the Simpson Protocol. This protocol works with the superconscious part of the mind which communicates with the subconscious to make positive changes.

The beautiful thing about this technique is that you don’t even have to know the exact issue that is causing you to retain weight.

Your superconscious is the all knowing part of your mind, your higher mind, the “Google” part of your mind if you will.

And in hypnosis your superconscious can address these issues and clear them.

Would you like to lose that weight once and for all?

Did I hear a “yes” or even a “hell yeah!”.

Then your first step is to book a free strategy session with me. We can discuss what you want to achieve, if hypnosis is right for you and if we are good fit to work together.

It’s August 22nd. It’s four months until Christmas. Wouldn’t it be great to be 10, 15 or 20 pounds lighter for the holidays and get a head start on everyone else who is going to be making champagne resolutions on December 31st?

Take that first step by booking a time to chat below. It could be the 45 minutes that changes your life!

You don’t even have to leave the house to kick those fad diets to the curb

I am now offering hypnosis sessions online. I use a easy, convenient video conferencing system that is so easy to use. You log into your account and click “Begin” under the Appointments tab. There is nothing to download and I do not use Zoom.

*I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. This is information I have found through reading.

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