Weighing, Measuring, Counting – Losing weight shouldn’t be work

Weighing, measuring, counting – does losing weight seem like it’s just too much work?

How many diets have you been on in the past that involved weighing, measuring and counting? Plans like TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

How many have you given up?

How many plans have you been and reached your goal and then regained the weight back?

And what caused you to give up on a diet or regain the weight?

  • Weighing portion sizes
  • Counting points
  • Measuring portion sizes

Why did you get fed up with doing this? Boredom? Feeling deprived? Or did it just feel like too much work?

These diet tasks seem to consume all of your time.  All you think about is food.

And one of two things happen. You give up on the diet because it’s just too much work.

Or, you reach your goal weight and celebrate the fact that you’re done. And you stop weighing, measuring and counting.

You gain the weight back and  then you start over.

There’s an alternative

There’s a safe way to lose weight that doesn’t involve weighing, measuring and counting.

It’s the virtual gastric band hypnosis program.

In this four-session hypnosis program, your subconscious mind believes that you had had surgery to have a gastric band installed to make the food holding portion of your stomach the size of a golf ball.

You enjoy three meals each day, eating whatever you want. So you aren’t weighing or measuring your food or counting points.

You simply stop eating when you feel comfortably full.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Want to learn more? Why not book a free 45 minute strategy session to see if hypnosis is right for you? I can’t wait to speak with you.

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