Why you need to set boundaries

personal boundaries

A boundary should be your personal line in the sand. They keep your needs, feelings, and keeping your emotional and physical space separate from others.

Your personal boundaries can be both physical and emotional.

Personal boundaries allow you to let those around you know how you expect to be treated. And these boundaries protect you from being taken advantage of or being made to feel uncomfortable or bad.

So many people find it hard to set these personal lines of protection. You need to be able and willing to let someone know if they have crossed that line. Confrontation is difficult for some people and subsequently, it is hard to stand up to someone else and let someone know that they are wrong and are not treating you the way you want to be and should be treated.

Healthy relationships between people need boundaries. If you do not let people know what you expect and enforce it. If others don’t know what you expect, how can you expect them to respect your personal boundaries? So, it is up to you to set your boundaries and enforce them.

Why Do You Need Boundaries?

As I said, boundaries are the key to having happy and productive relationships with others. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need them.


Boundaries help you become a unique person, separate from others. You are better equipped to make your own decisions and don’t feel you have to please others when you know exactly what you want.


Respecting your own feelings and needs is an especially important part of self care.  Boundaries allow you to put your needs above others in a healthy and respectful way. This does not mean that you have to be completely selfish and uncaring, but you don’t have to allow others to walk all over you.

When you stop worrying about what others want from you, you are taking care of yourself.

When you set specific expectations with clear directions, others around you are aware of your expectations.

Emotional and Physical Protection

When you know what your personal protection line is, you know if someone cares about you and your feelings if they consistently break those boundaries. Then you can decide whether or not these people should be in your life.

Do you have trouble setting and maintaining boundaries?

A couple of reasons why people have trouble with boundaries can be that another person may be just so fascinating that they want them in their life no matter what the cost is.

Or, experiences from childhood, parents, relatives, teachers could imprint feeling of not rocking the boat, pleasing people could impact your ability to set boundaries as an adult.

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